25 April, Tajiri the Giraffe vs Jordan, Allysa Best Photos June 21th

Today we celebrate World Giraffe Day! The purpose of this day is to bring awareness to Giraffes and their conservation needs.

We must scratch our heads and wonder, how did we allow the wild populations of one of the most well known and loved animals on earth – fall to an alarming number of less than 100,000.

A decline of 30-40% in a few decades. At this rate, our children could see the last wild giraffes.

It is time for action.

Support wildlife conservation efforts – in the wild or at your local zoo/animal park. Volunteer your time. Educate friends – educate strangers. Continue to keep giraffes in daily conversation!

With your help and support, just last week, Animal Adventure was able to donate $30,000 to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Thank you for helping us – help Giraffes.

April the Giraffe

Tajir the Giraffe

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Allysa kissed April



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                     Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Live Cam On World Giraffe Day

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