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In honor of Taj being 6 months old today relive Jordan's drive to the park the day he was born!

Fans react April the Giraffe Live Youtube Now

Lisa Miller Thank you Animal Adventure Park! I made my visit in July. What a wonderful environment, for your animals, and your human visitors! You taje supurb care of your animal family. Ive been to other facilities and yours beats any of them hands down . The cleanliness, hospitality, and overall friendliness of staff is amazing. Thanks again for educating us on all of your animals!

Sally Harris Thank you so much for all you have given us during the past six months. I've learnt so much and had a lot of fun watching this little ( not so little) man growing up. It's wonderful to see the park flourish and watching Jordan's interview it's been a fantastic season. I'm looking forward to not only next season but April's next offspring 😉 I don't know Jordan when you and Coleen and Ava expect your new baby, but if it's out of season, I wish you all 
much love and a happy and healthy baby.

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Michelle Belajonas Thank you for sharing their lives with us however less not forget….. In just about another 4 very short months Tajiri will be taken away from his mom and dad and placed in another strange place I am so not happy about this!

Elizabeth Ferreira Do you have a date of when baby will no longer be able to stay with the family? I'd love to come visit one more time before this happens. Such a happy group of giraffes you guys have.

Kathie Oneil Thank You AAP for allowing us to come on this amazing Journey with you. I visited your park and Loved every minute Got to feed April & Oliver . Will be back next year Can't wait God Bless

Teresa Perry Miller It's so hard to believe that it's been Six months. I will
Always remember the day he was born. Thank you so much for letting us share this whole experience with you. Keep up the good work.

Karen Welch Oh good lordy Jordon, we thank you for allowing us into your world. It has been such a joy ride for me. Not only peeking into Oliver and April's kingdom but showing and teaching us about all the other animals in your park. Well now that Oliver is in hot pursuit again I do hope all the ridiculousness and turmoil that everyone with their "So called vet degrees" caused everyone at AAP during April's pregnancy and delivery will just stop seeing how well everything turned out and how great Tajiri has been doing. Many thanks and kudos for everyone at SAP for all the hard work to dedication to the park. Your place is still on my bucket list

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