Live Cam : April the Giraffe Today

Live Cam: April the Giraffe Live Video Today 

Animal Adventures with Jordan: Addax Antelope

We have only one weekend left of our Regular Season but it's full of fun!

Flashlight Safari Trick or Treat Saturday 6-8pm

Day Time Trick or Treat – Sunday 10 am – 3 pm

Regular admission rates apply!

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Supporters react:

Virginia Denner If Jordon was my teacher when I was in high school I probably would have gotten really good grades….he just has that way of telling you about the animals and I have learned so much this far.

I enjoy the videos and I want to thank AAP, Jordan and all the staff for sharing this extraordinary adventure with us. I find that this is an amazing journey that we are on with them. Thank you Jordon!

Diana West Loved it! So much information on the animals. On a different note, we watched one on nat geo on crocodiles. In the dry month crocks dig caves along the river bank crawl in them and are in suspended animation till the rains come again and replenish the river

Donna Workman Love what you and your staff do, love you all and you have taught me so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing April, Oliver and baby Taj with us. It had been such a comfort for me.

Carm Leprotti-Amber Thank you Jordan, learning so much about the animals you have at AAP, and I am amazed how clean and no smells at AAP. How much time and staff does it take to keep the park looking the way it is?

Becky Smith Gromel Thank you Jordan for sharing I'm still coming I know it's the fall we fall hours but I will be there before you close the doors for the winter see you soon Becky from Pocono.

Jim Webb Jordan…could you please tell us the names and ages of your male and female addex? Are you expecting or hoping for a baby next year? Great segment!

Leanna Hofmann Carnahan I wish Jordan would have given us more history and info about the pair at AAP. He usually does. Love these videos. Hopefully we'll have a giraffe update soon too!

Julie Maurice Gagnon They seem to interact well with Jordan. Are they head-butting the fence to try and get more attention from him?

Lorra-Lea McKeown Please know Jordan, that I follow your videos and look forward to each new one. Your love for animals is like a mirror to myself. I love all animals and according to those around me, have a way of calming them….even the local skunk will come within 2 feet of me, without spraying…not by choice…he sneaks up on me! I love you Jordan and wish you and your family all the very best. I loved my visit in May to the Park and hope to come back soon!

Cindy Eddinger JORDAN, They look beautiful! Did you groom them special for the video? They usually were not all outside at once when I there. Give these yaks lots of water, can't wait to see some cute little babies


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