Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Live Cam 10/21

Good Morning Everyone

April the Giraffe Live Cam Today 

Animal Aventure Park with Jordan

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Supporters react:

Arlene Wagstaff Rech Was so sad yesterday. Was so excited to get to see April Nope. Closed. We were in New York Potsdam are for my sister in law funeral and did not know they were only weekends now. Headed back to North Carolina to get ahead of storm. Got there. So disappointed.

Amanda Cooksey-Wolfenden Going to see aprils new grandson this weekend. Pictures living treasures are posting show a camera loving cutie pie

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Janet Jordan Jordan I have learned so much from these little films and appreciate them. Thank you

Vivian Henry Another great presentation Jordan. Has anyone noticed as to number of animals presented where Jordan makes mention to the fact that the female is the dominate one or the leader as it were? Interesting 

Cathie Berg Randall I really look forward to your Tuesday/Thursday presentations! The Addax antelope is a lovely creature with striking, albeit dangerous looking, horns. Thank you Jordan, for the introduction!

Kathy Cousineau Schoonveld Love all your educational videos Jordan you are amazing!!! Keep up,the great work we appreciate everything you do and all your hard work

Bella Rose I love watching you and learning about your animals. Please keep it up and I thank you for all your hard work and your beautiful park. You are amazing the way you show your love for all your animals.

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