Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Live Cam 10/9

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

A little wet weather doesn't get us down!

We are open today; 
10 am – 5 pm last admissions 4 pm

Pictured: Capybara; the worlds largest rodent, Native to South America. Our park is home to a group of 4.

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Supporters react:

Terri Dziewit Another great outcome!!! Thanks to Jordon and staff for saving this little guy!! Great Job Everyone!

Deb Waterhouse So glad baby is doing well. Thank god for his rescue by a excellant staff♡ Thank you so much for the update

Mary Ann Urso Pawlewicz Love this animal it reminds me of the children's book I read to my grandson Drew. He turns 21 in Nov. Reading PA checking in .

Alicia Snowder Open on a Monday? Or am I off on days lol. What a cutie! You guys had a baby capybara early spring didn't you?

Kristen Williams I've always wondered what the average attitude of these are the one by my zoo always seems bored

Amy Ickowski Loved the video you did on the capybara.
Hope your Wine for Wolves event was spectacular!

Sara Stiles I love these guys!! I have 2 guinea pigs and they remind me for these amazing animals!

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