April, Tajiri and Oliver Best Funny Stories Ever

Taj: Mama, what is fire?
Summer: Taj:, when something burns up, it is on fire. The fire usually has reddish orange flames, it gives off light, heat and smoke. The burned object may be turned into ash.
Taj: What is heat?
Willie: Let's heat this place up, put on our dancing shoes and dance!
Summer: Willie, giraffes don't dance! Baby, heat is warmth, like what you feel when you are outside on a sunny day. But too much heat is bad, it is too hot, it can hurt you.
Willie: I am hot to trot.
Summer: Willie, trot right on out of here.
Taj: What is smoke?
Summer: Smoke is something in the air, usually it is black, grey or white. If there is too much smoke, you cannot breathe.
Taj: Where does fire come from?
Summer: Fire can happen naturally. During a rain storm, lightning from the sky can hit something, and set it on fire. Fire can also be started by humans.
Taj: How do humans start fires?
Summer: They use matches, lighters, flints, the sun's rays through a magnifying glass, or torches.
Taj: Is fire good?
Summer: It is good when it is started safely and is controlled. It gives off light and heat. Humans use fire to cook some of their food, and warm their homes. They like to look at it.
Taj: When is it bad?
Summer: When it is out of control, and it is in a wild area, it is called a wildfire. It burns everything, causing lots of animals and humans to lose their homes. The smoke may overcome them, they may be severely burned, or lose their lives. Some bad people deliberately start wildfires.
Willie: She ran calling Wildfire… You can call me Wildfire too, Summer. You wanna run with me?
Summer: Willie! Wildfire was a horse, not a giraffe.
Taj: Can't we outrun the wildfire?
Summer: Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes, animals and people get trapped, they have nowhere to go to escape the fire.
Taj: What can we do?
Summer: Never play with fire. Only when you are old enough, start fires safely, control them, and safely put them out.
Taj: World, don't play with fire. We want all animals and humans to keep their homes and their lives


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Baby G: Mama, what is time?
Summer: Baby G, it is the hours and minutes in a day or night, or when something begins or ends, or how long something lasts.
Willie: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… I want carrots all the time.
Baby G: What can you do with time?
Summer: You can look at a clock to see what the time is, or how long you took to do something. You can use a timer to remind you when to do something. You can use a calendar to tell you how many days or years have gone by.
Willie: Call me anything you like, but don't call me late for dinner… or breakfast or lunch or snack time. Use your watch to tell you when to call me.
Summer: Willie! Giraffes don't wear watches.
Baby G: Do we all have a lot of time?
Summer: No, dear, someone who is old has very little time left. Someone who is very sick, or is injured very badly, may not live much longer.
Baby G: Can you get more time?
Willie: So many lady giraffes, so little time. Can I buy more time?
Summer: Willie, hush. Baby, humans can buy better food and doctors and care, they can buy more things, and pay for other people to do stuff for them, but they cannot buy time, no matter how rich they are.
Baby G: Can time be taken away?
Summer: When bad people harm other people, they steal time from their victims — the time to heal is time lost from the victims' lives, and if the victims can't be healed and now are gone, a lifetime of memories is stolen from the victims' families and friends.
Baby G: What are victims?
Summer: Victims are people who are the targets of an attack through no fault of their own. They did or do nothing to deserve being attacked. Sometimes they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Baby G: What are memories?
Summer: Memories are things in your mind, you think about what has happened to you in your life, and what people you knew when you were younger. You remember them.
Baby G: World, let's spend time together making new memories, and always remember those we lost, and those who had time stolen from them.

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