Live cam : April the Giraffe 10/25

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

Ava Strong

She’s still pretty sleepy, but they’re stimulating her left side and she IS moving!!!!!
Temporary Paralysis was possible, depending on different variables faced during surgery.
Go Ava!!


Supporters react:

Victoria Stafford Prayers for little Ava, so relieved the complicated surgery went well and prayers will continue during the critical next few weeks!

Mari Kallenbach Thank you Jordan and the AAP for an amazing adventure starting with April, Oliver and then Tajiri. And thank you for allowing us to continue on the journey of your beautiful park and the animals. You are a special kind of person that would do this. Bless you and you family!

Michelle Jimenez That's our big Momma April with Taj . It has been a very fascinating and educational experience as the world watched the birth and life of these beautiful and BIG animals. Thank you Jordan and all your staff at Animal Adventure Park for all you shared.

Joan Gentile Thank you, AAP!! I appreciate it!! Please keep us posted with any updates about April and if she becomes pregnant again. I can't wait to see, if she has another boy, like Taj, or a girl this time around. Have a great winter, you guys

Jennifer Wilhelm Reyna I think after all the craziness I would want to unpublish my phone and email! Good luck AAP!


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