Evening April 3 Update on April the Giraffe with DR Tim Carrot Treat

April the Giraffe Live Cam Now

April 3 Evening Update

Lights Out Early!

April has remained off grain again today, toys with her hay, turns up her nose at lettuce, but likes a DR Tim Carrot Treat!
Tonight will be another long night as we wait for April to decide just when is right!

The giraffes loved the beautiful weather outdoors today!

Many of you tuned in this evening to see lights out early. With normal routine returning of warm temps and yard time, coupled with the thought that a natural light cycle of the dusk and dawn type may help entice/speed up our labor, you will see us change our treat time and lights out routine to earlier in the day. When exactly? Depends on quite a bit…so keep watching!

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Yes, a test text was sent out today but not to the full list of subscribers — it was matter of testing the launch/execution of the system. Another test alert should be sent out this evening and reach all subscribers. Want to verify that you are in fact properly enrolled in the Labor Alert System? Use this link! The step by step process will help you out! http://www.aprilthegiraffealert.com

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Having an issue? Email the text alert company directly through the link…Animal Adventure Park cannot assist with text alert questions…we are the giraffe people – not the technology people… trust us!

We leave you with a reminder to be kind, be thankful, be humble, be generous. If you aren't harboring at least one of these traits daily… find your happiness and you will find your peace.

Good night (or good day)

Supporters react: 

Tesa Oechsle THANK you for your generosity and allowing us to be part of this process. We know it isn't easy. Ignore the haters and negative thoughts and know that 200K+ people are enjoying watching these beautiful animals and the wonderful keepers and vets who clearly love these animals. I, for one, appreciate the access and information. You deserve nothing but greatness and happiness. Now…let's see that baby giraffe

Cheryl Anne "Be kind, helpful, thankful and generous"……♡♡♡ Words to live by. Thank you to the Patch Family and AAP for making a true difference in this world. May you be blessed hugely in return for all you do."

Shelly Upton- Bailey: "Love, LOVE the comment…"We are the giraffe people, not the technology people". Made me laugh out loud!! You guys are doing a fabulous job and we are all so very appreciative".

Dot miss April the Griaffe Gender Reveal

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