April the Giraffe Live Cam On Oct 26th

April the giraffe Live Animal Adventure Park

April the Giraffe Live Cam Today


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April the giraffe Live Animal Adventure Park – Supporters react:

Dawn Heath I really love these talks about the various animals. If the live cam for April had not been started I would never have known about AAP. Now it is part of my life and a source of interest on a very regular basis. Thank you for all the information and for sharing your knowledge and great sense of humour, Jordan and staff! You are all brilliant.

Aggie Johnson Foust awe, they are so darn cute. Thank you for sharing them with the world, your enthusiasm and dedication shines like the brightest star. You and your team are an inspiration to me and to millions around the world. Keep up the great work, and keep letting the world watch. Thank you so much for all you do for animals big and small.

Tanya Ellis My husband and I will be there with our family on Monday!!! We are coming all the way from Austin Texas and I can't wait to see Taj and all the rest of the new babies along with the rest of the animals!!!! So stoked!

Jean Maas Millburg I love the way you are educating the public. Just maybe you can change the minds in people to start respecting animal life again and why we need these animals and why the specie needs to be protected. Also you have helped other zoos around the world as well.

People are visiting and supporting their local zoos this summer for conservation, sponsoring animals. Also you are helping us now understand what is good about animals being in captivity and many zoos are improving their breeding practices and enriching their environments to protecting these endangered animals from becoming extinct.

Many minds in people thought having these animals in captivity was cruel and and now we understand the good you all are doing now and less people critical to zoos and conservation programs. Now many of us have taken notice to other Giraffe's, like other zoo pages on Facebook and following other good zoos around the world.

Also we are taking notice to other animals that have been born in other zoos and some that did not survive after birth or killed by a freak accident and their medical team tried everything to save them. You have a great start what you did with April & Oliver with your Giraffe specie and new baby Tajiri with the live web cam brought good and bad with it.

Now having your weekly videos on the animals you care for at AAP. Other zoos should be thanking Jordan for opening a great thing for zoos, there conservation efforts improving the animals habitats and enrichment care for the animals and the public are taking notice. I have also noticed more zoos and their zoo keepers getting out and interacting with their visitors and educating more because of Jordan' live Giraffe web cam.

Even my local zoo Brookfield Zoo: Chicago Zoological Society in Chicago have started live chat sessions through using your phone by animal exhibits with the zoo keepers and a opportunity for visitors to ask questions and they have never had that before? You have been a good positive mentor to other zoos on educating the public.

Before you go to a zoo watch the animals and read the sign but it is different getting the education from a live person makes a bigger impact for the best interest of these animals. We love your educational videos keep us connected to AAP and continue to want visit AAP in person and help others to enjoy the animals if they are not able to travel or in the hospital. Keep them coming Jordan and AAP.

I like to know how do you keep up with all the bottle fed baby feedings with all the animals you have this time of year and doing it around all your visitors? You must not eat or sleep much during the summer months at AAP? I did not realize you have some baby camels, they are adorable

Tina Leotta-o'dea Babies! Babies! Babies! These new additions are quite adorable and hungry as well. Hopefully, the rumor is true about the expansion of AAP and it's great to hear about the ongoing construction at the park. By all rights, you are the new Walt Disney of interactive animal parks. Keep on hoofing on!!!


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