Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam June 18th

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

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MaryAnn Starr Mulholland Wishing Jordan, Oliver and all dad's a very Happy Father's Day! We spent the past 2 days at the park and had a fantastic time!! It's such a beautiful and we'll maintained park. Anyone debating whether or not to make the trip should GO, you won't be disappointed. Everyone is so friendly and informative and willing to stop and chat about their animals.

Becky Irwin Happy Fathers Day Jordan Patch! Little Ava is a very lucky little girl to have such a loving and giving father! Happy Fathers Day Oliver ! I love seeing Oliver give Taj kisses, so adorable. Happy Fathers Day to all the AAP fathers human and non human you have quite a few of them. Hope everyone there has a wonderful day hope to come see you soon!

Linda Shooer Sending wishes for the happiest Father's Day to Jordan and Oliver!! Jordan, you have brought people together through the love and respect for animals. Thank you for sharing AAP with the world. My trip there was unforgettable and my interaction with April was something I will always cherish. To think that she is a being that would normally live in the wild, in the jungle, protecting herself and her family in any way necessary and one whose focus is survival every day; and here she was taking a carrot from my mouth lol. Doesn't get more beautiful than that. Thanking you a million times. Enjoy Father's Day with your beautiful wife and baby.

Terri Britten Happy Father's Day to all the dads! Animals or human you all deserve to be appreciated! A special Happy Father's Day to Jordan Patch who is kind of an adoptive dad to all the animals and their babies,as well as little Ava! One day she will understand what you have done and how you helped so many! To all the AAP guys enjoy your day! Corey you deserve to be celebrated for being an adoptive dad to all the animals but I see the bond you have with Tajiri, even if he is a little rascal!! So have a fantastic day and thanks for that all of you do! 

Jennifer Cornelius Snipes My husband and I just left the park! We had a wonderful time celebrating Father's Day, World Giraffe Day, and our wedding anniversary with April, Taj, Oliver and all of the rest of the amazing animals at AAP (and my husband got one of the free pulled pork plates since he was about the 5th dad in line and had a ticket handed to him by none other than Jordan Patch himself! VERY friendly and outstanding person.

Vilma Kantzer Happy Fathers Day Jordan! I wish you, all others fathers who are part of the staff, Oliver and all the other animals a wonderful day! I really enjoy your teaching/learning sessions, please continue doing those. And finally I can't thank you enough for allowing us, the ones who don't live close by to be part of the AAP family. Everyone who is able to please go and celebrate Fathers Day at the park, our favorite Giraffe family, their staff, and the rest of the animals are waiting! 
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Connie Sincich Wishing all the fathers out there at the park happy fathers day specially jordon patch i wont forget how you included us in the birth of tajiri and we all love you for it we never would have gotten to know april and oliver if it wasnt for jordon patch and the aventure animal park so again thank you.

Rhonda Freeman Happy Father's Day Jordan, Oliver and all the other dads at the park. Hope y'all have a great day! Happy Giraffe Day to April, Taj and Oliver! Enjoy your day and hope you get lots of treats and love. All of y'all have a special place in my heart. Thanks for sharing your journey with the world. I hope you continue to spread happiness and keep educating us on all animals.

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