April the Giraffe Update on July of 23rd

Code Green: Miniature Sicilian Donkey

Both guests and keepers have been waiting on this birth; mom has been BIG!

This morning we welcomed a little girl!

Miniature Sicilian Donkey Miniature Sicilian Donkey

National Zookeeper Week: Kyle & Phil

On the last evening of our week of recognition; we acknowledge two team members.

Kyle is in his second year at the park. He is now a full time team member; having graduated from Canisius College – graduating with a degree in animal behavior ecology and conservation.

We are happy to welcome him back and look forward to his future with the team. His hobby and passion for cold blooded animals will lead him into a new role of taking on our Zoo to You educational programs, as we expand our reach in our local community and a far.

Phil, a graduate of SUNY Cobleskills animal science program, comes to us having worked at Disney's Animal Kingdom – providing Safari tours. He is in his first season with the facility and has quickly learned the speed and intensity of a position with our team. You may catch Phil assisting in our giraffe barn, educating guests on our most famous residents. He shows great promise for the future.

Both Kyle and Phil maintain a variety of species in our children's zoo area but also bounce around as needed throughout the park. Whether it be alpacas and kune kune pigs or Sulcatta tortoises and Barbados sheep – their hands are full with a number of animals each day.

Thank you Kyle & Phil!

Feeding and See April the Giraffe Up Close and Baby Taj 

Tajiri the Giraffe Playing And Running Around Yard




Tajiri the Giraffe

Mom and son


April Baby

Tajiri the Giraffe

Taj the Giraffe

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