Morning Update On April, Oliver, Tajiri the Giraffe

April the Giraffe Keeper

Animal Adventure Park`s Trip 

1st Visitor: On Friday, 6/23 we went to AAP. Seven granddaughters ages from 13 to 7 and four adults. As we were getting off the bus/van we met Jordan and Corey. They were working on a truck in the parking lot. I talked quite a bit with them. Jordan is so down to earth and Corey
too. The Park is so clean and user friendly. The food stand was excellent. We saw and fed so many animals but of course the best were the giraffes! April is so gentle and beautiful, Taj is adorable and very nosey, Oliver is so handsome. Taj's nose is heart shaped. I fell more in love with them and could have stayed there all day talking to them. I met
Jordan's mother in the barn and she was so nice. Alyssa gave a very interesting talk about the giraffes. Corey came to
help her get April and Taj in the barn, of course Taj didn't want to go in. Then they let Oliver out. "Our" giraffes are the most magnificent beautiful gentle and so loved. If you weren't a giraffe-aholic before seeing them you
will definitely become one. My group certainly became Giraffe-aholics. I've been one since February! Don't let the weather bother you, it rained off and on but we had ponchos in our backpacks. I have pictures but I don't know how to
post them so I'll have to wait for my granddaughters to post them. AAP is a beautiful and well planned Park. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Our trip was just over three hours from NJ. It was a long day but no one complained. Thank you Jordan for making your dream come true.

2nd Visitor : Yesterday I went to Drafts with Giraffes at Animal Adventure Park! All I can say is that is a really cute little park that children would love to visit. I saw Jordan, Alyssa, and Cory. Took pictures of them at a distance as they were busy. The giraffes are adorable! April is sweet and can find a carrot a mile away, Taj is a little skittish of the crowds but did put on a nice little performance for us and Oliver is quite massive! Here are some pics of the day!

April the Giraffe

Allysa and Taj


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Jordan and Visitors at Animal Adventure Park


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