Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam June 19th

April the giraffe Interview

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam June 19th

Heather Lynne
Heather Lynne Can't wait til things hopefully get back to normal next year. Been hearing about the lines and that's why we haven't gone since opening day. Would love to take my fiance's kids, but not interested in standing in a line forever to get in just to not be able to get near any of the animals.

Kris Bush we were at your park last week and had a great time. I didn't know it was possible to fall in love with April, Oliver and Taj more than I already was! 
April is the sweetest giraffe I have ever met. She just warms my heart. I made a 3,000 miles road trip just to meet our giraffe family, it is was 100% worth it. 
Your park is very clean and all the animals seem happy. 
Also I want to give high praise to ALL the Animal Adventure Park staff, not just the 3 we came to know and love, but all of the staff that makes AAP what is. Every one of your staff was friendly, answered any question about any of the animals and always had a smile on their face. A happy staff is a sign of a great boss. Kudos to you Jordan, for having happy animals and a happy staff. 
Thank you Jordan for taking the time out of your crazy busy schedule to talk with me for a bit. I wish you all a wonderful rest of the season! 
Thank you for all you do. Thank you for bringing April, Oliver and Taj into our lives. Although it was crazy at times, we appreciate you sticking it through. 

Have a wonderful giraffe day! I wish I could be there. Happy Father's Day Jordan and of course, our first time daddy, Oliver!

Annette Leech Irby It's a long store, but not going to get it all in. Was heading to VT to see family last Wednesday taking all the back roads just some interstate. We got to up NY and we missed our turn. Came down this road and I was like let's just see how far AAP is from here. Not even thinking I was close enough it was only 4.5 miles. It started screaming out loud with happiness u would not believe. My daughter was laughing so hard she was crying. I was so excited I told her I'm about to pee on my self. We got .5 mile from AAP and it was a lot of emotions after watching April and learning about AAP for 2.5 mos. all I can say is I thought I would never go to AAP and bc of wrong turn yep that's right I'm sitting in parking lot of AAP!!!!!! So we did lots of pics

Jennifer Cornelius Snipes My husband and I just left the park! We had a wonderful time celebrating Father's Day, World Giraffe Day, and our wedding anniversary with April, Taj, Oliver and all of the rest of the amazing animals at AAP (and my husband got one of the free pulled pork plates since he was about the 5th dad in line and had a ticket handed to him by none other than Jordan Patch himself! VERY friendly and outstanding person.

Deanne Vogel This may be putting human emotion in place where its not. But Oliver really appears to shows a lot of fatherly interest towards Taj. 😍 Happy Father's Day Oliver! Have they been able to interact together out in the yard?

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