Baby G: Mama, is today Father's Day?
Summer: Baby G, it is today in many places. Other places celebrate it on different days.
Baby G: I hope the daddies of the world won't mind celebrating with me today, like the mamas celebrated with me on Mother's Day.
Summer: I am sure they won't mind.
Willie: I would not mind celebrating every day.
Baby G: Daddy, Uncle Brian and I made something for you and the daddies of the world. Once again, he did most of it, and I helped.
Willie: I love presents, bring it on, what is it?
Baby G: Daddy, do you remember the little giraffes Uncle Brian and I made for Mama and the mamas of the world?
Willie: Yeah, it was a giraffe family with wooden bodies, plus long legs and long necks, and heads, all made of twigs. What about them?
Baby G: Uncle Brian put them in a little wooden box, and put a pile of carrots near the daddy giraffe. He put some alfalfa hay in a little basket between the mama giraffe and the daddy giraffe. He put some wood shavings on the bottom of the box. Then he put some hay on top of the box.

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Summer: That is a thatched roof.
Baby G: What is a thatched roof?
Summer: A roof covers a barn or home, and keeps rain and snow out. A thatched roof is made of dry vegetation such as straw, which is laid in such a way it makes the roof waterproof. Water can't get in.
Baby G: The thatched roof covers the little wooden box. It is a barn. He put little windows in the side, up high. That is so the giraffes can see out.
Summer: It is also so Daddy and the world can see into the little barn.
Baby G: Daddy, do you remember the world near the giraffes?
Willie: Yeah, it was a world globe with hands and feet. It was holding a carrot and a sign.
Baby G: He made a new sign and put the world near the barn. He was laughing as he wrote the sign.
Willie: What does the new sign say?
Baby G: It says, Even if you eat us out of house and home, it doesn't matter, because our home is wherever you are. Happy Father's Day! I love you, Daddy and I love the daddies of the world.

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