Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Live Cam

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

Tajiri and April the Giraffe

April the Giraffe T Shirt

Supporters react:

Denise Woodyard Marooned in my home down here in Texas due to the hurricane Harvey with 21.1" of rain so far. Boy did I need this! Got to see them in May.

Susan Marie This is a beautiful testament of how well cared for and loved these animals are. Jordan, Allysa, Corey, Lucas and the Animal Adventure Park staff do an outstanding job of raising and caring for these animals. We are very fortunate to have them share all of them with us.

Thank you for your dedication, information, conservation and videos. It is so appreciated. Have a wonderful day. My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Texas. Please stay safe. I'm sorry for the devastation you're encountering.

Connie Webber Chuisano Your picture made us smile, even in the Harvey storm. Right now just north of Houston, we are ok, but waiting to see what will happen in the hours to come. Pray for us in Texas, please.

Karen Tortoriello-Brockway That's right son when you stick your tongue out like this you get treats just don't put it into their nose humans don't like that.

Cyndi Bunnell I was so happy to be there on Friday Morning with my sister. It was great to see the faces of the people I have come to associate with April, Oliver and Taj. I enjoyed the park.

Amal Hammoud Berry Ok Taj, this was my claim to fame. There are these things called "people" who did nothing for 2 months but watch my backside waiting for you to pop out , so to entertain these simple but loving people, throw them a bone and stick your tongue out and look cute, they love that.

Caroline Gesner I was just there yesterday, what a great time and April and Taj are the greatest. They love those carrots, I was told not for the nutrition but for the water content. caption should read. Like this mom, yes son, you are a quick study. 

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