Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam Thurday

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam Thurday

Supporters react:

Brandi Robinson: Love how she is holding her baby and she looks so proud….thanks for all you guys do to help educate us, I am loving learning more about all the animals, the kangaroo videos was great, I am loving it, thanks for taking the time to educate us!

Kathy Humphrey Blair OMgoodness! That is wonderful…a little blessed Mama! She is cuddling that baby. I love it. Thank you for sharing this special moment…and I echo the many has said "Well done Mom and AAP on another successful birth at the park! Cheers.

Pam Kelly Congratulations to you and to Joel. Love seeing all of the new babies that are being born at your park. Looking forward to seeing the animal you talk to us about today…..I REALLY enjoy these segments. Thank you for all that you do.

Paula Boyle How wonderful. Nothing better in nature then watching mommas with their babies. It's most likely a good thing that I live in California. If I were close, you would have to escort me off of the property every day at closing. Lol.

Virginia Denner How amazing is this! Another new baby at the park. There must be something there that all of the animals love. They have a fantastic environment to live and grow in. AAP has a wonderful staff so this is awesome that we get to be included in the special births and events at the park. THANK YOU AAP for sharing this amazing adventure with us.

Tricia Wilson: Cooling Wonderful news! There is no question that your animals are healthy and happy! They want to raise their offspring at AAP. You are providing the best conditions possible….how do I know? Look at all the babies.

Lorraine Cooke Narvesen Congratulations to AAP …. what a great explosion of newborns !!! Must be all the love in the air generated by a great group of people dedicated to taking care of and preserviing animals 

Kenita Ball Congrats for another sweet baby! So many babies being born at the park! Sorry Joel missed birth! Looking forward to noon creature feature, I am learning so much! Thanks to everyone at the park for all the good work you do!!

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