Everything You’ll Need To DIY An April The Giraffe Halloween Costume This Year

Everything You'll Need To DIY An April The Giraffe Halloween Costume This Year
If you’re looking to create one of the funniest and most clever Halloween costumes this year then you should set your eyes on one that pays tribute to everyone’s favorite viral moment. From a Salt Bae Halloween costume to a Snapchat hot dog filter Halloween costume, the costume options are honestly endless. Now, let’s think way back to earlier this year in April 2017, what viral social media moment caught your attention? It was definitely none other than the livestream of April the Giraffe’s birth. I mean, it’s impossible to forget–we literally waited forever for the baby boy to finally arrive. If you want to acknowledge this viral moment then you can easily create your own April the Giraffe Halloween costume this year.

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You’re going to have to get pretty creative for this costume– unless you want to walk around in a literal giraffe costume on Halloween night. This t-shirt is much more practical, and not to mention hilarious. It’s time to give April some credit for surviving a 24-hour live stream of nearly her last two months of pregnancy. You can do so with this black t-shirt for less than $20 from Amazon, it also comes in brown, gray, red, and blue.


Giraffe Leggings – Giraffe Animal Print Tights for Women: Small

You can even pull this costume off with comfy leggings, how amazing is that?! Pick up these patterned leggings from Amazon for less than $20 for the perfect April the Giraffe look. They come in a wide array of sizes, XS-XL, and can be delivered to your doorstep in one business day after ordering thanks to Amazon Prime.

Giraffe Ears Headband and Tail Kit by elope

For less than $60 in total you can DIY your own April the Giraffe costume this year. Of course you can always swap these suggestions out for the pieces you already own in your wardrobe. Don’t want to spend money on giraffe leggings? You can simply stick to your go-to black pair. Or you can purchase the patterned leggings and opt for a simple black cami instead of the recommended t-shirt. Any way you create this costume is sure to be a hit at whatever Halloween party you’re going to this year!

We’ve got all of the tips you need to create your own DIY costume this year. If you’re looking for more Halloween tips and tricks, make sure to check out How To DIY A Pennywise ‘It’ Halloween Costume and How To Make A Kate Middleton Halloween Costume This Year.

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