Watch live: April the Giraffe Gives Birth on April Fools Day

April the Giraffe Gives Birth

April the giraffe is set to give birth with millions watching today we will be count down together :

6:36 AM, April has calmed down, in fact did immediately when she had her own space available to her without Oliver. She absolutely did not want Oliver any were near her food. I assume that a ration of food pellets were put out to keep April and Oliver over near the balcony while Oliver's pen was cleaned.

8:07 AM Jordan was within view of the web cam, showing April that he had no treats for you. She just stared back at him and kept chewing her cud.

8:23 AM April was shown live and in real-time. In fact, she is still there looking to the left of the camera, towards the tortoises?

8:30 A.M. California time (PDT) She's moving as if in a trance. Little walk around, drink of water and little snack, but otherwise pretty much like a statue. A couple of tail raises but nothing productive yet.

8:42 AM, April's tail jerked at the base and raised about half way.

8:55 AM Urination position, April's head is towards the Keeper's Area, body parallel to the common fence with Oliver. Can't see if there is or isn't a pee spot, but she has relived herself often enough, that there should not be a large spot. 8:58, tail stayed up in a low arch, then suddenly moved to a high arch at 8:58 AM. No feces or urine seen during this 4 minute period.

9:00 AM, April has moved into the urination stance, again.  Assumed the position and one real big push. Head hanging low and posture indicates great discomfort. Poor girl!

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April the Giraffe Gives Birth

9:02 AM, tail is finally limp.

10:35 a.m. California (PDT) Corey bring blue bucket. April happy now? She seems to be ignoring it and more interested in fresh hay in the shared feeder.

10:40 a.m. California time (PDT) Dr. Tim came in for a quick check. April had a couple of treats but didn't want much in the way of chin scratches or lovin'. Cant say I blame her. She looks absolutely miserable.

Fans Said :

Funny thing happened last night! I have been watching April for weeks now and my husband thinks I'm crazy and that I "might" have an addiction to this! He actually told me last week that he thinks I may know entirely to much information about giraffes! That being said, we were sitting outside on our back porch watching tv last night and hubby gets up to go inside to get a drink, he seemed to be gone quite awhile, so I looked thru the kitchen window to find him staring at my computer, which is live streaming April at all times! He comes outside and informs me April is laying down again and tells me she seemed to be laying down an awful lot today! I think I have converted him to an "APRIL WATCHER" (Insert evil laugh) My job is done here! Lol 
Can't wait for this baby to get here

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