April the Giraffe Funny Story Today and Latest Update

April the Giraffe Funny

Baby G: Mama, what is kindness?
Summer: Baby G, if you show kindness to someone, you are being friendly, generous, and considerate. You are kind to them.
Willie: Summer, be kind to me. Consider that I want all your carrots. Be generous and give them all to me.
Summer: Willie, don't abuse my kindness.
Baby G: What is generous?
Summer: If you give more money or time or help or something else than you really have to, or give more than expected, you are generous.
Willie: I am generous with my time. I let my fans see me. I give them more attention than they expect so long as they give me a generous amount of carrots.
Summer: Willie, you are generous with the self praise.
Baby G: What is considerate?
Summer: You are careful not to hurt someone or put difficulties in their way. You are considerate of their feelings.
Baby G: Those are all good, showing kindness, being generous, being considerate of others?
Summer: Yes, they are.
Baby G: Why would someone not want to be kind?
Summer: Not everyone is loving like you. Some are selfish.
Baby G: What is selfish?
Summer: You are selfish when you always think of what is best for you, not anyone else. You care only about yourself.
Willie: I think they should change that word selfish to Willie-ish. I want everyone to always think of what is best for Willie, not anyone else.

Summer: Willie! If you look up the word selfish in the dictionary, your picture is right there. Baby, if you never share what you have, like food or toys, you are selfish. Everyone is a little selfish, but no one should be really selfish.
Baby G: When are people selfish?
Summer: If someone needs a little help, and you don't want to help, you don't have to. They can't demand that you help, they can only ask for help. But don't be selfish and demand they stop asking for help. If you don't want to help, be unselfish and let others help. If you are reading their request for help, just go on to the next story or request. Don't demand the person asking for help leave or stop writing. Don't be selfish, share the group or room.
Baby G: World, help each other if you want, or don't help, it is up to you. But always be kind and always share. We live in one world after all.

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