April the Giraffe Family Reunion: Reaction from Millions of Fans

April the Giraffe Family Reunion

One BIG Happy Family!

Our giraffe family shared space for the first time this morning and we are happy to announce a successful introduction.

Oliver Meets Tajiri Giraffe Reunion

April the Giraffe Family Reunion

Oliver truly shows a softer side with Tajiri, and it's beautiful to see

They have been kissing each other from the first day taj was born and now they can be a giraffe family,

April is giving Ollie the look, Don't you even think about it buddy, that labor was just 5 months ago

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Supporters react to April the Giraffe Family Reunion

Amber Argue Yay oliver!!! We knew you could do it. So proud you are being such a good daddy.  The family photo just made my day. Thanks.

Ginger Neilson Lang Jordan, so many of us invested a great deal of time awaiting the birth of this baby and I will speak for most if not all and say Thank You so much for continuing to allow us to be a big part of this giraffe family. I can't wait to come to Animal Adventure Park sometime and meet you personally and to see my favorite trio along with the rest of your beautiful animals!

Alison Moralee Taj might not be moving away. Jordan said a few weeks ago that they might be keeping taj there because they have acquired some more acres of land so they are hoping to keep taj at the park and bring in some more giraffes so taj can be a part of another herd!

Sharon Minnick-Hunt Jordan, you and your crew ROCK!! What a gift you gave the world, to watch all of this unfold! Many of us live too far away to enjoy them in person, so through pics and video and live cam, we can feel that all of us are family!! From Washington state, I say awesome job 

Brenda Rising WONDERFUL! Thank you for sharing this moment with us and looking forward to the video!! I hope the video is the first moments together….what a beautiful site! This weekend I am going to see Levi (Aprils son) and his new son Calvin!

Maria M Paz Yes I would buy the Family Portrait … I'm just thrilled and Jordan you made my day seeing this beautiful family together without barn walls I've been praying for a successful meet and that it continues to be

Pennie Newton Going through Harvey, I've become homeless but I'm in hospital rehab, DO have my iPhone and the first thing I see today is the family picture. ! I grew to love these guys, pre-birth of Taj up until now & it was the best thing I could see today to take my mind off the losses I've suffered from the storm. I love these babies & Jordan, Corey, Allyssa & the whole staff God Bless you All!

Marilyn Moise I just knew it….this is absolutely, amazingly beautiful….can April get pregnant while she's nursing? Will they maybe be able to stay together or do we need another girl?….I love them so much….I'm closer to April but Oliver is so funny he captured my heart and Tajiri, well he's mamas little boy… I'm so excited and after going through the hurricane in ft. Myers Florida this is my rainbow…thank you…somehow I'm going to get up there…hugs

Betsi Wagner Westling I am sure that both Oliver and Taj were so glad to get to be together…since Taj was old enough to venture over to Olivers wire mesh…he has seemed to be infatuated with his daddy…..what a wonderful family…I am so blessed to have been able to watch the birth from beginning to the end…..did alot of breathing for April…what a great mommy April the Giraffe Family Reunion​

Linda Getz Easton This was wonderful. I'm glad there were no problems and Oliver seemed very glad to see his April again. Looks like Taj just stood back to take it all in and that's good they can be a family. Thank you!

Michelle Froust Curious. Would April defend the baby if Oliver were to become aggressive or agitated? Just wondering. Thanks for continuing to allow us to be a part of the milestones.

Kim Irish Awe that is so sweet! To be with his son for the first time. You guys care so much for all the animals there! Thank you for caring and sharing this beautiful family!

Debbie Fluharty Angles Boo! Poor Tajiri was not the center attraction! LOL. I'm so glad the family appears to be able to co-mingle nicely!! Praying Ollie always sets a good example of how a respectful father should act!! It was great to see you all so prepared if things didn't go as wished & funny to see the immediate curiosity of the giraffes in looking to see what was behind the "wooden curtains

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Roberta Small Thanks Jordan and AAP, this is just amazing. Love, love, love. We were supposed to visit the park Sept. 15 but IRMA had other ideas. Now we will be there Oct. 6. This will make it even more memorable.

Delores Price Without a doubt Jordan knew when it would be best! Jordan is a true animal lover-owner and so intelligent

Heather Leigh Oliver wanted to check his girl out! He got a good sniff! He is checking to see if she is ready to mate again! Taj was like what about me??? Glad they are all together now. It has been a long journey! Taj will be leaving before too long! I will miss seeing the little guy!

RHonda BLackwell Taj seems to be a very well adjusted young man. Oliver is ready to make another baby and didn't seem concerned with Taj. They are just a perfect little family which is wonderful so they can enjoy some time out before winter. Y'all are awesome with all the animals

Barb Tindall I would lobe for Jordan to come see Boulder Ridge Zoo in Alto Michigan. They are a small private owned zoo. It's very popular and also allows people to get close to see their animals.

Diana Constable I could watch this over and over again. Love the misty morning too. Oliver did seem more interested in the new addition of plywood. Anyone know why that's there?? Anyone catch Allysa training Taj this morn with Oliver?? Great morning!

Alison Moralee Plus when taj matures, him and oliver could end up fighting when April is in season so that's another reason for moving taj away from April and oliver

Jackie Steele So happy they are finally totally together as a family Thank you so much for showing this to us that follow your great work and love for the animals at Adventure Park. Keep up the good work. You are all true angels

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