Nearly one million viewers watched April the Giraffe Family Reunion video

April the giraffe, her son Tajiri, and Taj’s father Oliver were all in a shared space for the first time since Taj’s birth in April.

The Animal Adventure Park posted photos of the union on Facebook.

april the giraffe family reunion

“One BIG Happy Family!” they posted. “Our giraffe family shared space for the first time this morning and we are happy to announce a successful introduction.”

As promised in the post, the park followed up with a video of the three coming together. It’s just over three-minutes-long, and shows the giraffe family enjoying a quiet morning outside the barn on a foggy morning.

In the video, Oliver appears to take little notice of Tajiri, instead being more interested in April, until near the end when the two come nose-to-nose for a moment.

The video reached nearly one million views within 24 hours

april the giraffe 

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Supporters react:

Karyn Tucker Thank you for sharing. I have kept track of Aprils birthing process. SO interesting and Tajiri is so adorable. Think dads fell in love with him after he was born. Baby boy was always over by his daddy. They are a family now..

Christine Allgeier Oliver seems more interested in April than making any contact with Taj.

Marie Ann This is amazing wish we seen this when we were there and I was actually talking to one of your workers will they ever all be together 

Margaret Robbins How exciting, so glad they all got the way taj stayed out the way at first,not sure what to do,bless him x

Carolyn Watson Padula Oliver was checking to see if April is fertile. Smelling her urine. Seems to me that Taj was just standing there wondering what the heck was going on with Mommy and Daddy.

They cut the video and didn't show if Taj ever liked Daddy or not. But is was about Oliver trying to get his way. Wonder if they are going to let them mate again.

Oliver sure wants to. Smelling each other all over. Taj couldn't nurse either and I saw him trying to, but got shifted!!! Hahaha lol so funny.

Oliver Meets Tajiri Giraffe Reunion

Oliver Meets Tajiri 

April the Giraffe Store

Alison Moralee Jackie Powell, oliver isn't being sent to another zoo. When taj was first born the park said when taj was weaned that he would be sent to another place but since then jordan has said they hope to keep him as they have acquired some more land and they are hoping to bring some more giraffes in so taj can be part of another herd!

Cindy Pennington Awwwww so sweet to see them together finally! And the meeting seems to have gone smoothly! No aggressiveness and little Taj is like ummmm whats goin on! Thank you Jordan, Dr Tim, alyssa, Corey for keeping us all to date on this sweet little giraffe family!

We have all been anxiously awaiting to see this introduction of Oliver to Tajiri and looks like it was smooth sailing! You have taken such wonderful care of this little family thank you!

Now 1 question will oliver and April mate again? Or do you think maybe since she is 15 it's better off not letting her have another baby? Or is it to soon right now?

Little Taj was such a good boy here! Again thank you Jordan and all of AAP for sharing this beautiful introduction

Marilyn Moise I just knew it….this is absolutely, amazingly beautiful….can April get pregnant while she's nursing? Will they maybe be able to stay together or do we need another girl?….I love them so much….I'm closer to April but Oliver is so funny he captured my heart and Tajiri, well he's mamas little boy…

I'm so excited and after going through the hurricane in ft. Myers Florida this is my rainbow…thank you…somehow I'm going to get up there…hugs

RHonda BLackwell Taj seems to be a very well adjusted young man. Oliver is ready to make another baby and didn't seem concerned with Taj. They are just a perfect little family which is wonderful so they can enjoy some time out before winter. Y'all are awesome with all the animals

Gail Hafford-Mahaney So, so sweet. It looks like it was a calm meeting, though I think Dad was a bit more interested in loving on Mom.

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