Morning Update: Feeding Baby Tajiri and Sweet April the Giraffe

April the Giraffe Book

Good morning everyone

Will 30,000 pieces be enough???

Join us for our Flashlight Safari and Day Time Trick or Treat events starting today

Supproters react:

Dolly Castle If that's not enough, I'll be surprised! More like it's too much – I can just see April, Ollie n Taj n the other animals blowing gum bubbles all winter lol. Seriously though, what a wonderful Halloween experience for all. You are a loving and generous man Mr Patch <3 What's Ava dressing up as? Promise to send us lots of pictures of her and all the kids – big and small

Chris Gould Ha Ha I'm surprised that no one has said "you shouldn't be giving animals things like this" cos lets face it you don't half get them on here  Hope it all goes well

Christina Hallard Newell I’m so excited to make the trip tomorrow to see your park!! My friend and I are huge fans of April, Oliver & Baby Taj!! We watch April and her family all the time since February…..So 

Cindereffin Ella Our suitcase is packed with our costumes! Heading out with our 3 year old grandson late tomorrow morning for an afternoon/evening of hotel swimming then hoping to score 1/2 that candy on Saturday!

Missy Smith- Lair Oh no, it will not be enough. We do trunk or treat at church and I think they said we handed out 27000 pieces of candy last year. That would be so much fun attending 

Gail Shedd Williams Where's the chocolate, I forgot animals can't have chocolate. Our little zoo is having a "Boo in the Park" for the children. Have fun!

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April has been cleared for another pregnancy and has our blessing to allow nature to take its course.

Supporters react:

Angel Hedrick Is there no fear of Oliver acting out towards Taj now that April is in season? Or is that not a factor since Taj isn’t mature enough yet?

Beverly Burden YAY… but all the people saying it's too soon. Really???? I'm sure it's not controlled in the wild. Why should it be controlled in this type setting?? It's natural for them for survival of species.

Pam Owens This is great, but can we start the countdown just a bit closer to her deliverying? I got in trouble at work for watching for 2 months

Selma Harwell Giraffe watch 2019 — team hooha! 
Can you please let us know the dates so we can all keep up. Many already guessing dates. 
Oh we need to put the Marvin Gaye on in the barn! 

Cindy Heck Garcia From the family’s facial expressions, I’m going to attempt to humanize them below:

April: (sigh) Ok my dear, Oliver. You have been so patient. Today is the day. Now is the time. I’m ready. (Notice April’s ears are back).

Oliver: Really? Really, dear April? Oh my. Oh my. Ok. I can do this! I’ll be gentle…I know it’s been a while. Let’s do this!

Taj: Um, Mom..Dad? What’s happening? Can I play, too? (A few seconds later) Oh, no I’ve changed my mind. See ya! (Does a zoomie out into the yard).

After the deed is done, Oliver’s seed has been spread, he sits down with his cigar and April helps him put on his smoking jacket (lovingly made for him by Enid, from the cam chat group). 

April walks away to clean up.

Taj is out in the yard in a corner with his eyes tightly closed.

And now we all will wait and see….

Paula Boyle This time around can we please not question AAP staff about their care for April? They have continously demonstrated how lovingly they take care of all of the animals in their care. Visitors to the park have consistently commented on what a beautiful and clean park they have.

Becca Markley Yay maybe another baby. We will all go back to being sleep deprived and crazed. Randomly waking up in the middle of the night to check. Oh I can't wait

Madelyn Normandin I just want to say I am 65 years old I have been to many many zoos. Last weekend I went to AAP. This place is unreal it is so clean in the keepers how they interact with the animals is unbelievable these animals love their keepers they're so well taken care of and honestly they know what they're doing. And honestly their Stables are very large the animals are very comfortable and very clean . So unless you've been there stop complaining about what these keepers are doing they work very very hard

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Feeding April and Tajiri the Giraffe outside

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