Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam June 16th

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam June 16th :

Fans react:

Cheryl Campbell​Hey: Everyone please show your support to AAP and and the appreciation that we get to watch these gorgeous creature  on the cams…..hit the like button below the video

Anita Kannik: ​Yesterday. The day before Corey gave him lettuce, but yesterday he didn't and  was feeding April and Taj had a temper tantrum.

Robyn Rassler: Anyone on here that's gone to visit, any suggestions on time of day or day of the week that may be less crowded? Looking to plan a day trip and would like to pick an "off day" if they even have those anymore lol.

Maureen Vargas-Ahad: Jordan you really need to get a show on animal planet, your knowledge, enthusiasm to explain & educate and of course that charisma you have that actually radiates through your videos. It's only a dream of an old lady that was a Steve Irwin fan as well as Jeff Corwin, Eugene Cousins and the plethora of others. There's ALWAYS room for more…

Phyllis Cremonie Adams I could listen to you Jordan talk about animals all day. You are so informative. Interesting. Thank you for another awesome lesson. Can't wait till next Tuesday to see what's next.

Mary Reed I love that when you do one of these presentations, you always give the audience something else to research! You definitely have a gift in the education field…great job Jordan and your whole crew!

Andrea Douglas Thanks for sharing Jordan I will be visiting next week but one question how much are your wheelchair rentals I called and got no answer and the voicemail is full and can't find the price on the website either so I was just curious!

Pam Kelly Thank you Jordan. I am learning so much about all of the different animals that inhabit this earth. I have been to a few wildlife parks in my lifetime, but I don't think that I have ever seen Patagonian Cavies. Those babies looked like rabbits to me. lol.

Nadean Gilbertson Amen AAP you are amazing! I love hearing about all these animals! Jordan you could have a show on Discovery! You are a walking wealth of information! Thank you for being you, the world is a better place because of you!

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