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April the Giraffe Com

April 10th Morning Update

Early morning observations indicate no significant changes in physical appearance. As stated in posts prior – we do not expect any further physical change. We are waiting for increased pacing to indicate an active labor situation has begun, in addition to pushing/contractions. So, be watchful of behavioral changes!

Giraffes will have a beautiful day in the yard with 70 Degree temperatures on the horizon! We will capture some great shots of Oliver and April outdoors, along with staff and share those with you late day today thru the text subscription service.

If you haven't yet, it is easy to subscribe and you haven't missed content – you will be able to view prior shared photos! We believe we may have VIDEO content available to text subscribers also : Here

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In 1827 the first giraffe ever seen in France, became an instant celebrity in Paris. Michael Allin in Zarafa chronicles her impact on the French:

"Zarafamania gripped Paris and crowds rioted around her as she was paraded through the city and presented to the king. Women imitated her with their hair styles high, a la Girafe, and the men wore fashionably giraffique hats and ties. In the magazine of the day there were instructions for tying a gentleman's cravat a la Girafe."

April the Giraffe Com – Supporters react :

Sharon Hodge: "I feel left out with a lot of other people i have been following since day 1 but cant get the text alert since my income will not let me do extras would appreciate it if they would post the same pics on facebook page… i am 70 years old and really have enjoyed everything about this adventure".

Anna Marinucci Akins: The text subscription is useless. When I get a text I cannot get the into for hours. I guess everyone that subscribed is trying at the same time. I thought it would work a little better than it does but I am disappointed. Still love April and am anxiously awaiting baby.

Abby Mayer: Good Morning Jordan & crew. Enjoyed reading the Giraffe Factoid, very interesting and amusing. Thank you for everything you do for all your animals and for us watching. I have enjoyed these seven weeks, educational,interesting and calming watching April and Oliver. Love the text alert system, I finally got caught up on housework and some sleep, haha. Two TV's hooked up to live feed I actually smile vacuuming April & Oliver".

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April 9th chat update 

Some of this is repetitive, but we have a lot of new members and I try to write every answer they give. There is a lot of new info, too, tonight.

Jordan said April being pacey tonight is good. She will pace non stop during birth.

They did baby animal photos today for an event and it went great.

April will eat the after birth.

They said unforseen accidents can happen but they have taken all the precautions they can.

Jordan reminded to report the fake sites to the governing sites- YouTube, a Facebook, Twitter etc…. Jordan asks that you please DO NOT email AAP about it. (*please be careful and do not report a whole bunch of YouTube videos at one time. Space it out. You might get a warning from them that you could be banned! Happened to a friend of mine.)

Oliver did not come from England. (yes, someone asked this)

Olivia was with Allysa tonight for tuck in. (she is another zookeeper)

As soon as they see hooves, they will add more bedding.

There will be pics of April outside in the AAP evening update. Jordan said she loved it!

Once they see hooves, 30-60 minutes for calf on the ground.

Jordan says every time someone attacks AAP with glade statements or accusations, he cringes but moves ahead. (*I have NO idea what 'glade statements or accusations" are — Janet W.)

More animal cameras are coming. A squirrel monkey one is one in particular he mentioned.

The park gets busier July 4th and on. (of course this year it will probably be busy all season!)

Parasites are not an issue for the animals at AAP as they do routine wormings and parasite control.

Park is open until the end of October.

She lifts her back legs when bending down for balance. Big belly!

Jordan said if she starts labor outside they will usher her back in for many reasons. And not one of them is the camera.

Their stalls are 800 sq ft

Her water has not broken!!!

There is an area outside of both stalls that can used to shift Ollie for cleaning his stall, once the baby is born.

As long as April is happy there is no reason to intervene

There is always staff on site.

No definite decisions made yet in another female giraffe.

Their response to people asking if she was really pregnant and needing proof was to look at her belly and see that baby move!

Jordan was drinking dry red tonight. (for those keeping track) and he said they won't sell wine glasses because they are a nightmare to ship.

They have no photos of either of them as babies.

Giraffes poachers are after meat and crop preservation.

Giraffes can cross breed.

Giraffes do not get baths. They rarely get dirty.

They do not believe she is having any complications.

They do not yawn, but they belch sometimes.

In captivity, time of day does not matter as much for delivery

They will send texts first about labor, then announce on Facebook.

There are many things to consider when placing the calf (at the new facility once weaned.)

They reminded everyone to always go through the April the giraffe website to make sure you are on the right feed.

Once the park opens, they should have a full line of merchandise.

Vet team and staff will be in the barn, but not in her enclosure during birth.

Jordan says he sleeps about 3-5 hours a night.

As far as temps there, It can get in the 90s where there are located.

They have committed over 40k to giraffe conservation from all the donations!

They have over 200 different species of animals at the park

If you are having problems with text alerts go to the April website and report a problem.

Birth control for April is a possibility if they do not breed her again. (all depends on how she recovers from this birth.)

It is not too late to sign up for the text alerts.

Nothing specific made Jordan love animals. He just does. He said "you have it or you do not"

Her hunching like she has been could be a sign. But like Jordan said so hard to tell with her! She's a jokester!

Jordan says do not stress when she lays down. They are built to be big and lay down. He did say they hold their breath, too, but don't worry.

They have a day at the park in honor of his daughter called Ava's Little Heroes, for special needs kids.

Construction at the park is moving but not fast.

Jordan stated he will write a book!

Jordan mentioned the text for labor will go out well before the calf process begins. So no one misses it. (someone was worried about the delay in texts and missing the birth.)

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