April the Giraffe Baby – 23th March Evening Update

April the Giraffe Baby

23th March Evening Update

April the Giraffe Baby – April has many thinking tonight is the night, as chat rooms and social media postings question her behavior and positioning. We will wait to see what the night brings. Both Keepers and Vet report further back end swell, no change in discharge or lactation.Temperatures are starting to rise, snow is almost gone – outside yard time will soon return.

We leave you with a photo from Oliver's First summer with us, while still a bachelor… Jordan and he had a great bond during this transition period (before maturity), and we believe that's evident in this photo – taken during Critter Camp: Giraffes Giraffes Giraffes while addressing the kids. "I'VE GOT YOUR BACK"

This is the story of April and Oliver:
Once upon a time in a far away land in upstate New York, 
There came to be an animal sanctuary know as Animal Adventure Park. 
And in this park  to giraffes April and Oliver came to live,
They soon met and it was obvious they had much love to give. 
Now April at 15, a bit old in my book, but that didn't stop Ollie at only 4 from giving her a look.
Now Ollie being a young bull decided to ask April on a date, and April said yes and before long they decided to mate.
So Oliver being this young rowdy stud, said April how bout you and me "swap a lil cud".
And April knowing she's getting a bit "long in the neck", said sure Ollie what the heck!
And what do ya know a baby was conceived out of their love, 
And as time drew near a camera was placed above. 
At first a few then there were many that came to view, to be a witness to something so exciting and new, not only April and Ollie, but the workers and crew. 
For the viewers days turned into weeks watching April and her mate, in much anticipation for that long awaited due date. 
We've all come to know April so well, and wait each day to see what the update has to tell. 
Day after day we study her each and every little mark, wishing we could see her at the park. 
On her hip and neck she has a heart just to name two, and oh the faces she makes when we watch her chew. 
Now April is is nearing the end of her pregnancy, and you can tell daddy Oliver is getting antsy. 
Everyday they meet by the fence for some necking time and secrets to tell, and sometimes he gets to come in her stall and visit a spell. 
Now April has many friends far and wide, but there are ones who are close by her side. 
There's the owner Jordan, the vet, Corey and Alyssa to name a few, who visit her often and give her kisses too. 
Ollie is a bit jealous of all the attention April gets, he prances around throwing his fits. 
And April, oh the capers she gets into and the entertainment is ours, as we witness the hilarious "April Showers".
And Ollie can only wonder and stare, as April steals the hay and not to share. 
Oh how we've come to love these two, but we know they have a job to do.
 You see they are helping to ensure the world giraffe shortage, so their mating is not just for sportage. 
April and Oliver were sad to know their kind was a dying breed, so they are doing their part and planting a seed. 
So years down the road and generations to come, all the giraffes will come to tell wherever their home, 
Of how it all began with two giraffes named April and Oliver at Animal Adventure Park and a man with a dream and a big love for animals named Jordan.

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