Early Morning April 8 Update On April The Giraffe – Latest Update Live Cam

April The Giraffe  Baby Update Today

Good morning everyone.

In the April 7 evening update keeper reported remains relatively similar to morning, great appetite and good nature. What happened to our baby giraffe in the last night.

april the giraffe baby live

April the Giraffe

Here`s April's Labor Observations
12:01 AM EDT, April 7

12:51 PM: Notes taken during survey of rewind:

2:48 PM Second urination spot on floor.
3:12 PM Feces dropped in small pieces
3:49 PM April defecated on the left side of the Common Gate.
4:25 PM April defecated in two large drops, not the small pieces previously done today.
5:01 PM April has arched her tail without defecating.
5:10 PM A check of the floor looks like she has had four (4) feces drops; 2 while standing still and 2 while walking.
In addition, there are two (2) urination spots. The first was documented above, the 2nd occurrence is of an unknown time, but is located out and perpendicular to the Common Gate.

5:34 PM April's tail was arched when Dr. Tim entered her pen. He was able to take several photos of her posterior region, as well as her udder. No other unusual behaviors on April's part. She was a lady until Dr. Tim got to the balcony. She stuck out her tongue, begging before Dr. Tim had the time to get her carrots out for her. Shameless hussy!

6:38 PM April's tail is raised, about half mast. She was standing by the fence at the Out Door, then walked to the Treat Puzzle at the left fence, her tail maintaining the half mast.

6:45-6:48 PM April's tail has continued to be raised at half mast, but now dropping.

7:12 PM I'm off to take a nap, but will be back about 10 PM

8:00 PM Allysa fed Romaine lettuce to April from a ladder at the ToysRus logo, later April was fed carrots from the balcony.
8:19 PM Lights out.

8:51 AM Common Hay Feeder is full. A new treat puzzle is hung on the inside of April's pen on the Common Gate.
9:19 PM April's tail is at half mast, when she walked past the camera toward the far right corner.
9:28 PM April's tail finally went limp.
9:42 AM Corey let Oliver into April's pen.
9:45 AM Oliver sniffed April at her tail's base, April peed for Oliver.
For the first time that I have seen it, April rubbed her neck on Oliver's neck while he was not at the feed station below the camera.
Oliver did lick April's lady parts and followed April around, and nose-nudged against her neck.
9:52 AM, Oliver was lured back into his pen. Corey and Allysa had given it a full clean-out.

11:08 AM, Oliver is trying to get the treat from the new Treat Puzzle hanging on the Common Gate on April's side of the pens.
Corey and Allysa are deep-cleaning April's pen. April is ignoring them, as usual.
11:12 AM, just as soon as Corey and Allysa left, April defecated small pieces when standing in her favorite Out Door position. The feces was dropped in many small pieces. (good news)

11:16 PM See how she is standing with her rear legs stretched back? She was standing that way for several days after the first series of jolts, etc. that started that night at 2:46 AM, if I am remembering the time/day correctly.

 11:19 PM Even though we can't see because of the shadow on the right side., dang it, she's on the move, back to the far right corner feed station. We have a full right hand view, better than only the left up near her spine when she's at the camera corner.

 11:21 PM Tail raised, pooping, she's in that stance that she was a couple of night's ago al lot, not last night at all. Her head is stretched out on her neck, parallel to the ground.

11:24 PM Okay, the trance-like stance is broken and she's returned to the Keeper's Gate Corner. At least we have a full look at her left side.
11:35 AM April urinated while standing perpendicular to the Common Gate.

11:40 PM Now she is in her stance where we have seen jolts of belly movement. Sometimes little jolts, sometimes big ones. She did just have one, but I missed it. Was it a biggy?
11:56 AM, the blue Treat Puzzle has been hung outside of April's left fence.
12:00, noon, Common Hay Feeder was filled for the second time today.
1:58 PM the Treat Puzzle on the Common Gate was taken down.

April the Giraffe

April the Giraffe 

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April The Giraffe  Baby Update Today – April 8

 Rest Periods
PM – 12:41 AM = hour and minutes of standing
12:41 AM – 12:55 AM = 14 minutes of floor rest
12:55 AM – AM = hours and minutes of standing
AM – AM = minutes of floor rest
AM – AM = hour and minutes of standing
AM – AM = minutes of floor rest
AM – AM = hour and minutes of standing
AM – AM = minutes of floor rest
AM – AM = minutes of standing
AM – AM = minutes of floor rest

12:40 AM, April pooped, the small pieces that are a sign of near birth.

12:41 AM, April began to shift her feet, I thought sure she was preparing to lay down. I'm looking closely to see if there is belly movement that kept her up. Her tail is down, so there isn't that pressure.

12:43 AM, I don't think it is wishful thinking, I thought I saw some rippling in her belly, more than just breathing. There was a small, mild jerk. 12:45 AM, she's shifting to lay down. One abort! And, she's down on the second, laborious try, laying on her left side, by the Out Door.

1:08 AM, April has broken her pattern of immediately going to the Keeper's Gate Corner after she jumps up from the floor. After standing parallel to the left fence, she walked over to her left window to look out into the dark. Her tail raised in an arch as she went to the window, but has relaxed within moments.

 1:50 AM, on her way from the windows to looking over the Keeper's Gate, April stopped long enough to nose around and move the boat bumpers for a minute.

2:07 AM, April has walked from the left fence around to the Out Door with her tail raised. At the Out Door, facing the Keeper's Gate, she finally dropped a lot of little pieces of poop.

 2:31 AM April is at the Keeper's Gate Corner, body parallel to Common Fence. She is shifting on her hind legs. Jerking of her hips.

3:14 AM April raised her tail and dropped little pieces of feces. She then moved into her head down and neck stretched out parallel to the floor…Next to the left fence, she is moving clock-wise, at the Keeper's Gate Corner her tail raised in a arch, mid-level then higher, eventually going limp.

3:24 AM April peed between the Out Door and the Left Window (very large, dark pee spot). Her tail moved into an arch and stayed that way while she walked to the Treat Puzzle to the right of the camera

3:29 AM Her tail is still arched, but only at half mast.

3:35 AM April is now standing at the Out Door, body parallel to the fence and her tail is still up, continuously.

3:46 AM April seems to be looking for hay on the floor and her tail finally went limp.

With the exception of a very short time between 3:14 AM and 3:46 AM, April's tail was continuously up, at least at half mast.

4:05 AM, April decided to let us get a view of the action by walking from the left fence where she was posing as a statue, to the far right feeding station. There is some belly action going on. I saw a definite jerk/jolt and she's using her tail to smack her side on the right, exactly where I'd just seen movement.

5:04 AM, April has moved away from the left fence, just in time to show us the movement of her belly. When, April? Oh, look at that movement

5:08 AM, Sharon North, saw April lick her udder area from the right side. She was in the light and the right angle for a clear look.

 5:10 AM April was into her lay down shuffle, and came out of it, almost like she tripped, and had to catch her balance. No, she didn't "fall" just looked more awkward than I've ever seen.

5:55 AM April is back at her favorite Out Door standing spot, parallel to Oliver's fencing. She just raised her tail, her head's totally up, well, her head was up until she decided to lick the fencing on the left of the Common Gate.

6:34 AM April while parallel to the left fence suddenly raised her tail to a full arch and pooped, again. Little tiny pieces.

5:36 AM, I'd been wondering when she was going to lay down. Started twice and aborted twice. Standing looking at Oliver, now. Her belly is moving, too much to lay down.

6:40 AM I just realized why April was licking her muzzle! I bet she was drinking water! She doesn't lick around the edges of her mouth when she eats treats or hay. And not always when eating at the feeding stations, but I've seen her for the second time in 2 days, licking. Her long tongue looked almost delicate the little bit of tip moving around, out and around.

 6:59 AM I think one or more of April's humans has come inside, she seemed to be following movement down the walkway to our left, then on under the balcony.

7:00 AM Now that there is natural light into the Giraffe Barn, there are definitely four (4) spots of urination left since Corey and Allysa did a complete clean-out about noon on Thursday, April 7, 2017.

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