Morning Update on April, Oliver and Tajiri the Giraffe on August 15

Good Morning Everyone

Today we bring you the best and latest photos of April, Taj and Oliver at AAP

April the Giraffe and Oliver


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Tajiri the Giraffe

April the Giraffe 

Baby Tajiri the Giraffe 

Allysa and Taj

in my house

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Baby Tajiri 

Supporters react:

Millie Lowry Buchanan Good Morning AAP staff!!! I love getting updates about all the animals. I have an idea, how about a section on the website for the "Nursery" New arrivals and those expecting. A section showing the current statistics of the babies, toddlers etc. For example Taj, approx height, weight and development milestones. It would e wonderful  . Thank you for all you do!

Alison Moralee He certainly has a wicked personality, he's so naughty trying to pinch April's carrots the other day. I could see allyssa getting frustrated lol keep pushing him away. She normally hand feeds him a little hay but she didn't on friday. Prob cos he was being naughty x

Kathleen Foote Over the pond,so won't be getting there any time soon.Love this Giraffe family and all the updates and Animal Adventures with Jordan.Love to you all and best wishes for the rest of the season,from Fife Scotland.Need to do a wee live feed with Dr Tim at some point Jordan.We're all missing him.xxxx.

Linda Wheeler Boothe Taj is so adorable. He's saying, "I'm the star of this show." LOL Thank you again, APP, for keeping us informed. I hope to travel from Virginia to visit at some point. Keep up the good work with all the animals.

Karen Croteau We had a great time yesterday and enjoyed all the animals. You have done a fantastic job with everything. All the staff was wonderful as well…helpful, and very knowledgeable about the park. Thank you for all you do!



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