02 Funny Stories On April vs Tajiri The Giraffe Today

Baby G:  Mama, where does light come from?
Summer:  Baby G, outside during the day, light comes from the sun.  At night, the moon reflects the sun's light.  Something called electricity comes from the city to homes and yards, and makes electrical lights shine.  
Baby G:  And inside?
Summer:  Inside, light comes from electricity, or oil lamps, or candles.  
Willie:  Yeah, put the spotlight on me, my show is starting!  
Summer:  Willie, hush!  Baby, a special, portable form of electricity, called a battery, lets people take electrical lights, called flashlights or torches, from inside to outside.  They also take candles outside.  
Willie:   Let my light shine bright, through the night, through the day, all the way for you!  
Baby G:  What are candles?
Summer:  They are usually sticks made of wax, with a special string in the middle called a wick.  The wick is set on fire, and the candle burns slowly, giving off a lot of light.  
Baby G:  What is it used for?
Summer:  Giraffes have incredibly good eyesight during the day, with a great range of vision, probably better than any mammal.  
Willie:  I've been eyeing those lady giraffes, way, way, over there.   
Summer:  Willie!  You better be eyeing where you are going to be sleeping tonight, way over there.  Baby, at night, giraffes, like humans, need help seeing in the dark.  The candle lights the way. 
Baby G:  What else is it used for?
Summer:  When someone is lost, whether really lost, separated from family and friends, or gone, or someone just feels lost, due to sadness or despair, a candle is used to represent caring, remembrance, and to "light" the way to healing and back to happiness.  
Baby G:  World, when you feel lost, see my candle, it will help you find your way back.  

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Baby G: Mama, what are lies?
Willie: I am not lying, I am lying here like a lion.
Summer: Baby G, when you say something that is not true, that is a lie. Some lies are about saying you didn't do or know something that you actually did.
Baby G: Like what?
Summer: If you break something, and claim someone else broke it because you don't want to be blamed or punished for breaking it, that is a lie.
Willie: I am going to lie low so no one will know I lied about not breaking my puzzle bucket.
Summer: Willie! The world saw you break it. Baby, some lies are about saying you did something you didn't actually do.
Baby G: Why would you do that?
Summer: People like the praise they get when they do something good. So sometimes they pretend they did something they didn't, or they claim they did it when someone else actually did it, that is a lie.
Baby G: Is pretending the same as lying?
Summer: No, dear, if you are pretending to be someone else, or pretending you can do something, not to deceive anyone, but just to amuse people, that is not a lie.
Willie: Let's pretend we giraffes can actually talk.
Baby G: Are there other lies?
Summer: Yes, sometimes people lie to make someone else feel bad, like if you say something untrue about someone else. Sometimes, people lie to make someone else feel better, like if you say they look nice when you don't really think they do.
Baby G: Why do people lie?
Summer: Some lie to gain something, some to cover up or hide something, to buy time, to make something look more impressive, to hurt someone, to control what someone knows or does, to mislead someone, to deflect blame, or to spare or share someone's feelings.
Baby G: Are all lies bad?
Summer: Some lies are worse than others, but it is best not to lie at all. If you must lie, only do it to help someone else, not yourself.
Baby G: World, although I pretend I can talk to you, it is not a lie, I want to help giraffes in the wild.

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