April the Giraffe Animal Adventure Park Live Cam 6/6

April the Giraffe Animal Adventure Park Today

GIRAFFE CAM: Time for our once a week check-in on April, Taj, and Oliver — who seem to have switched places at Animal Adventure Park.

We will be live each Tuesday and Thursday, at Noon EST, for Animal Adventures with Jordan.

Today's Species: Bactrian Camel

Supporters react: 

Deborah Shaw: Jordan, is there anything about animals you don't know…you are a wealth of information. Thoroughly enjoyed this inside look of the Bactrian Camel! Looking forward to Thursday. See you then.

Betsy Brown: You're the best teacher, Jordan! I'm retired, but if I was still teaching elementary or middle school, I'd definitely be using your YouTube Tuesdays and Thursdays with my students! I've learned so much already! Thanks for taking the time to do this for those of us that can't get to your little piece of paradise.

Micky Chenault Schembri: I love my educational animal lessons from Jordan Patch. AAP is so gracious to share their knowledge with all of us. We are so lucky they decided to have the giraffe cam to introduce us to April, Oliver, all the keepers and the wonderful park.

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Donna Wilson: Love how the animals in the background wanted to join in the conversation! What beautiful loud vocals!!………. Jordan, not only are you and your staff at AAP amazing but you are truly meant to be what you are doing. God has given you a gift, Thank you for sharing it with the world! Your knowledge of these beautiful animals is astounding.

Brenda S. Friedman: Jordan you are an amazing teacher! Thank you so much for the lesson today! I now know how to tell the types of camels! I learned that Bactrian camels have 2 fatty humps and Dromedary Camels have 1 fatty hump! Thank you Alyssa for the excellent video! I cannot wait to meet another animal in your family on Thursday.

Jonna McGrath Donovan: I think Jordan and Animal Adventure Park need their own show! Jordan you are so so good explaining information about the animals! Actually, skyping live into actual classrooms across the country would be an awesome adventure for our young children and get them interested in learning all about the wonderful animals in the world! Thank you for all you do for us humans and the animals.

Gayle Gillam Waymouth: Love this, so enjoyable to learn about the other animals in the park. It gives a whole different meaning of going to a zoo/animal adventure park. There is always something new to learn. Thank you so much Jordan for everything that you are doing for all of these animals and the teaching that you and the staff are giving! Awesome.

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