April the Giraffe and Tajiri are a big draw!

Do you think all the animals at Animal Adventure Park in New York are wondering why there are so many people around this year?  The park is of course home to April the giraffe and her newborn calf Tajiri.

Explaining the internet and social media to the animals probably wouldn't be too well received.  "You see, we put a camera in April's stall, and humans were transfixed for almost 2 months, even though virtually nothing was happening.

april the giraffe April the giraffe and Taj

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 But now that Tajiri is with us, all these humans now want to see him in person!"  Right.  Well since the Animal Adventure Park opened on Monday for their 2017 season, there has indeed been plenty of new faces.  

Zoo goers have been pouring in to see April and her famous calf in person, instead of on their computer screens.  The line to get in on Monday was so long that it stretched all way out to the parking lot (much longer than the Red Tail Boa at the zoo, who can grow up to 10 feet long)!  

You have to hurry to New York if you want to see the family together though, because once Tajiri is fully grown, he will be moved to another zoo.  If you can't make it across the country anytime soon, you can still check them on the newly re-activate live feed,  Tuesdays from 1-5pm.  And we're back to that.


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