April and Tajiri the Giraffe Funny Story Today 5/20

Baby G: Mama, what is change?
Summer: Baby G, change happens when the old has been replaced with the new, or something is different than before. 
 Baby G: What are some changes?
Summer: The seasons change, the weather changes, you change. 
 Willie: Don't go changing, to try and please me… 
Baby G: How am I changing?
Summer: You are getting older and bigger and taller, you are learning new things, and you are getting better at things. 
 Baby G: What am I getting better at?
Willie: I am getting better at boasting, I am the best of the best, forget the rest. 
Summer: Willie! We'll forget everything you said after "I". Baby, right after you were born, you could stand, but you were wobbly and fell down. Now you are very sturdy, and usually don't fall, and can run like the wind. 
 Baby G: What else?
Summer: As you learn about giraffes in the wild, you are getting better at letting the world know what it can do to help. 
 Willie: The world can help me by sprucing up my man cave, get me a big screen tv, show me some long necked beauties of the four legged variety and of the bottle variety. 
Summer: Willie, giraffes don't watch tv and don't drink beer!

april the giraffe and oliver

                                                                                    Tajiri the Giraffe
Baby G: Is all change good?
Summer: No, some change is bad. 
 Baby G: Like what?
Summer: If your health changes for the worse, or you were loving before, but now you are mean, those are bad changes. 
 Baby G: What is mean?
Summer: Mean is the opposite of being nice. If you say untrue things about someone, or if you won't let them join your group and play with you, that is mean. 
 Baby G: I don't want to be mean to anyone. Can change be stopped?
Summer: Sometimes. 
 Baby G: What if I want to change something and can't?
Summer: You have to learn to accept what you can't change, and deal with it. 
 Baby G: World, let us change for the better together, and learn to accept what we can't change!

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