Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam 6/8

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam 6/8

Animal Adventures with Jordan: Patagonian Cavies

Supporters react:

Phyllis Cremonie Adams I could listen to you Jordan talk about animals all day. You are so informative. Interesting. Thank you for another awesome lesson. Can't wait till next Tuesday to see what's next.

Rachel Crawford: Thanks for the learning opportunity, AAP. I've rediscovered my love of learning since I started watching the Giraffe Cam. Looking forward to next Tuesday and the next animal species that is featured.

Mary Reed: I love that when you do one of these presentations, you always give the audience something else to research! You definitely have a gift in the education field…great job Jordan and your whole crew.

Peggy Haueter: Thank you all so much. Jordan thank you for all the interesting information. I have never heard of them before. It's so interesting to learn so much about the animals. You all are great and thank you so much for keeping us updated with the giraffes and now the other animals. I watch it faithfully.

Pam Kelly : Thank you Jordan. I am learning so much about all of the different animals that inhabit this earth. I have been to a few wildlife parks in my lifetime, but I don't think that I have ever seen Patagonian Cavies. Those babies looked like rabbits to me. lol

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Brenda S. Friedman Thank you Jordan for the excellent lesson on the Cavies. I enjoyed learning that they are born fully furred and with eyes open! I am looking forward to next Tuesday when you will introduce us to another member of your animal family!

Robin Harris DeGutis: Jordan, I visited yesterday and missed the birth by minutes. The cavies were still wet but as you said, they were walking around. Lovely, lovely park. Clean, well cared for animals, and friendly staff. I loved hand feeding the animals.

Kenita Ball: Love the creature features on Tuesday and Thursday! I always learn so much. Jordan I appreciate you taking time out from your busy days to teach and share animals. I wonder how many little boys and girls want to grow up and be involved with conservation and working with animals because of you, Alyssa, Corey, and Dr. Tim. Thank you for continuing to make a difference every day.

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