April the Giaffe Live Cam Today 11/24

April the Giaffe Live Cam Today

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April the Giaffe funny story :

Tajiri: Mama, what is a mate?
April: Baby G, for humans, depending on where they live, a mate is a husband or wife. In other places, a mate is a friend. For giraffes, a mated pair share a bond and children. 
Oliver: I am Bond, Oliver Bond, at Your Majesty's Service, …  
April: Haha, go get me some carrots, romaine lettuce, and …
Oliver: In that musical about me, they all want to be my mate, they sing "Consider yourself our mate, We don't want to have no fuss, For after some consideration, we can state, Consider yourself, One of us!" 
April: Oliver! That musical is not about you. Besides, those boys were bad boys, you don't want to be friends with them. 
Tajiri: We should not be friends with people?
April: Some people who say they want to be your friend don't have your best interest at heart, they want to use what they learn about you to hurt you, or to get something for themselves. 
Tajiri: How will I know the difference between good friends and bad ones?
April: Be friendly always, but don't share too much about yourself in the beginning, over time, you will learn if you can trust someone to be a good friend. 
Tajiri: What is a bond?
Oliver: You buy a big bottle of glue, and you glue yourself to your mate 
April: Hush, Oliver. A bond is a tie to another, where you work as a team, and go through life together with common goals, like having children together. 
Tajiri: Are you bonded for your whole life?
April: Some animals are bonded for life, but usually giraffes aren't. However, your daddy and I will be. Uncle Jordan has said this will be our forever home. 
Tajiri: Is this my forever home too?
April: No dear, you will grow up and have your own giraffe family elsewhere. 
Tajiri: I hope that isn't soon, I like it here. The world can see me here. 
April: We like having you here too. Don't worry, baby, it won't happen for quite a while. The world will get to see you grow.


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