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April and Taj Outside

Baby G: Mama, where is my party? I am two months old!
Summer: Baby G, some things you do because you want to, and some things you do because you have to. You can expect other people to do things, but usually you can't demand they do them, unless you are their parent or teacher. 
Baby G: What do I do because I want to?
Summer: You run and play and learn. 
Baby G: What do I do because I have to?
Summer: You run and play and learn. 
Baby G: They are the same? What I want to do and what I have to do?
Summer: Sometimes they are the same, not always. 
Willie: I want to run after lady giraffes, play with them and learn where they keep their carrots.  
Summer: Willie, you never learn. Run off and play while we talk. 
Willie: I have to listen to your mama. If I don't, later she won't let me count the heart markings on her body.  
Summer: Willie, I am counting on you not to make me run after you and teach you a lesson. Baby, if what you want to do and what you have to do are the same, the reasons you do them may be different. You want to run because it feels good. Giraffes in the wild have to run to escape lions. You want to learn because learning about new things is fun. You have to learn how to take care of yourself and start a family of your own when you are older. 
Baby G: What do others want to do?
Summer: They want to help you celebrate your two month birthday. 
Baby G: Don't they have to do that?
Summer: No, they don't. When you celebrate a milestone, like a birthday or finishing school, you invite people to celebrate with you. 
Willie: Get this party started…Everybody's waitin' for me to arrive…  
Summer: Willie! That song is not about you. Baby, not all will want to join you. You are not a king or queen, you cannot demand they join you. 
Baby G: What else?
Summer: You cannot expect presents from those who do join you. You appreciate and thank those who want to spend time with you, those who want you to be happy and successful. If they also give you gifts, you appreciate and thank them for their nice gesture.
Baby G: World, you are invited to join me in celebrating my two month birthday, whether you bring presents or not, I am grateful you want to be with me.

How April The Giraffe's Baby Calf Celebrated His 6 Month Birthday


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April and Tajiri the Giraffe Outside

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