April the Giraffe`s Baby Boy On Good Morning American

April the Giraffe`s Baby Boy On Good Morning American

Good Morning from the Giraffe Barn.

We have Good Morning America on site and expect to be live today, here full clip:

Supporters react to April the Giraffe`s Baby Boy On Good Morning American

Sharon Wofford I hope you are able to leave the giraffe cam up longer. We all have waited so long to see this little guy and at night when I can watch him he is always in the shadows. Maybe a little camera shy. Please at least give us another week

Jeannette Mars Good morning to all at Animal Adventure Park. Baby G is sooooo adorable and thousands n thousands of us are loving every magical moment of watching him and his beautiful mum April.
Please please rethink taking the cam away in a few days, we need it but I do try and understand your reasons for wanting it down!!! 
Surely there is a way around it….maybe we ALL need to talk nicely to Toys R us to help, and we promise to keep quiet and not get in your way lol!! Xx

Lynn Shuldes Seriously not impressed with these interviewers!!! Seriously??? You thought April was the baby??? Perhaps you should do a little research before you interview Jordan who has created this world wide phenomenon.

Linda Smith : Been sick so I haven't really been on for a couple days only to see if he has a name yet. But I'm watching from Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin. Such a cute boy

Erica Stanford · Once they start the interview the sound should come on, atleast I hope so that's how it was the last time good morning America came.

Keri Mahoney- What an adorable little guy! So proud of April—she's such a good Mommy. Been watching from Shepherdstown WV for about 45 days. Feel like AAP and all the gang are part of the family! Thank you for all you do for animals and for teaching us.

Delene Garrison – You just dont realize little baby what you've done for all of us. ..the world loves u and your momma and daddy. ..we also love everyone there taking care of you….I will miss you all. ..we all will

Betty Podmore Would have been a very nice segment on GMA , had Robin not cut Jordan off in the middle of a sentence!!!! They shouldn't show something at all if they can't devote enough time to it.

Lori Logston:·From Whitehouse, Tn. Mom and Dad did awesome job. He's beautiful. Thank you crew for the awesome job you all did filming and taking care of this family. God bless

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