3 Reasons Why April the Giraffe and Tajiri Boost Tourism in Harpursville

April the Giraffe’s Pregnancy Boosts Tourism in Harpursville

Only two months after the Internet sensation which proved to be April the giraffe giving birth to Tajiri (or Taj, as people call him for short), both the park where this happened (the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, NY) and in the surrounding area have witnessed a dramatic increase in what concerns media attention and visitors.

Boosting Tourism
The park is found 20 miles away from Downtown Binghamton and in February, they set up a livestream of April the giraffe. The park officials have shown at the time that the giraffe was in labor and the birth would take place in a couple of days. However, their estimation proved to be wrong, since it took a couple more months until Tajiri finally opened his eyes to the world. During all the time, the livestream gathered millions of viewers from all over the country.

A Beloved Giraffe

According to Jordan Patch, who is the owner of Animal Adventure Park, April’s popularity has brought in a true flux of visitors to the park for this summer. In an email, he wrote that they have just opened the park for one month and they are already expecting attendance numbers twice or thrice bigger than the ones they had in the previous years. Moreover, it’s not even peak season yet!

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But everything is for the best, since the great influx of tourists brings an increase in sales and bookings, thus boosting the local businesses found in Harpursville, which is in the town of Colesville. However, things are not that easy to manage. Glenn Winsor, who is Colesville’s supervisor, confessed that they had some trouble initially with the huge number of tourists and they had to solve some traffic issues. Even so, this is still a good start for the community and for their tourism.
Meet April the Giraffe and Tajiri in Person
The entire world waited for months to see the birth of Tajiri, and then stuck to the live stream in order to see how he manages. Now you have the amazing opportunity to meet both April and Tajiri face-to-face.

Tajiri the Giraffe

How to Take Advantage of It

Animal Adventure Park has opened for the season last Monday, offering visitors the incredible chance of seeing the calf in person. Spectrum News reported that the line for the wildlife park on the first day was so long that it got into the parking lot. There were lots of people gathering there to see the entire family: April, Oliver and Tajiri, living together.
Tajiri is a name that was chosen by the keeper and it is the Swahili word for “hope”. It’s already growing, so it’s not the tiny calf you might have gotten used to from the live cam on April 15. The little one has grown to be 6 feet and 4 inches, and it now weighs 180 pounds.

The Family Debut

The entire debut was supposed to happen on Saturday. However, the park decided to postpone the opening until Monday, for objective reasons. The reason was a huge storm that rolled through the area in Harpursville, New York. This allowed for April and Tajiri to celebrate quietly Mother’s Day together, before meeting their huge amount of fans on Monday.

Limited Time

However, even if you get the chance to see the calf, you have to know that the time there is limited. Once Tajiri will be mature enough, he will be taken to a different zoo. Even though it may seem a sad decision to make, this is for their own good, since there is the danger of inbreeding, which keepers hope to avoid in this way.

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