Morning April 14th Update On April the Giraffe- Light discharge continues

Arpil Giraffe Giving Birth

April 14th Morning Update

April is already out and enjoying the sunshine for the day. Grain intake remains moderate. Light discharge continues. Otherwise, all is normal and well – as expected. The only real drastic changes we will see from here is active labor – no much more change / development can occur.

Again – please excuse the sporadic/tardy post times this month. We are in construction/opening mode and routines are no longer routines on the April the Giraffe side of our operation.

On that note – back to work! Lots to do, and little time.

Giraffe Factoid: Numbers Game We Cannot Lose!

Estimations as of 2016, indicate that there are approximately 97,500 members of Giraffa in the wild, with around 1,144 in captivity. Conservation and preservation efforts are no joke and need your help now.

april giraffe giving birth

Photo of Corey & April from a couple weeks ago

Arpil Giraffe Giving Birth – Supporters react:

Emma Ribbans: "'Star gazing' has been mentioned by Jordan previously as a possible sign of impending labour. Was this what April was doing this morning after Allysa had visited (before going outside the first time)?
She did it numerous times – similar to when she does hay showers, but without the hay or ear flicking and with some odd head twisting! Lots of pacing too.Thank you AAP, from Australia".

Sandy Dobbs ⭐️

 OLIVER’S CrAzY wOrLd⭐️ChAt for FuN⭐️
April: "Oliver, PLEASE stop pacing."
Oliver: “Can’t….I’m nervous."
O "I was surfing youtube about labor…OMG…What if Dr. Tim wants me to cut the cord?
A “Oliver, Giraffes don’t cut umbilical cords."
O "Soooo….our baby dangles off your bootie?"
A “Ohhhh nooooo…..first hooves poke out, then front legs… then the head and it falls out on the floor, the cord already broken"
A “Oliver"….
A “Oliver"….
A “OLIVER! What are you doing?… GET UP!"
A "Oh Oliver…you'll be just fine."
O “April"
A "Yes Lovie"
O “The other day Mr. Patch posted a picture of yours truly on the official Animal Adventure Park FB page."
A "Uh huh"….
O "Yep….48K likes, 5457K shares… yes … 🎶I’m to sexy for my spots…🎶to sexy for my spots🎶🎶…TO SEXY!
O “And…they said I was a stud muffin with a 6 pack."
A “Yes Lovie."
O "And while we’re humming, how about leavin' the hay in the
feeder, I’m tired of eating hay dust.
A "Uh huh"
O "H-E-L-L-O…throwing it down on the floor where the poop is G-R-O-S-S-O!"
A "Oliver… sip pee."😳
O "I DO……and it's good…🎵…so good….🎵…..Whoa-oa-oa! It makes me feel good🎶🎶
SJD 4/17

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