April and Taj the Giraffe Update: Wonder Woman at Animal Adventure Park

April the Giraffe Current Update

April the Giraffe


April the giraffe

April and Taj the giraffe

Tajiri the Giraffe

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April the Giraffe Current Update – Supporters react:

Pam Kelly Who could have known that one little camera would bring so much awareness to so many people? I have always loved giraffes, but had no idea of their plight in the wild until I started watching April as she was waiting to give birth. Thank you AAP for all that you are doing to secure a future for these majestic animals and Happy World Giraffe day to your famous giraffe family.

Marlene Roy Thank you AAP for all you do for them mostly THANK YOU for sharing April an Oliver with us which made an brought much needed attention to our beautiful GIRAFFES because of them an you many giraffe lives will be saved

Mona Charmmai All of this, because some fidiot reported the youtube channel. Again, I would like to say "THANK YOU" to whomever it was. Because without your stupidity, none of these funds would exist!! Betcha didn't know how this would turn around and backfire, did ya?! Back on June 3rd, I myself went to see my favorite family. Had such a blast! April ate a carrot right from my mouth!! This was a check off my "Bucket List!!" So once more; THANK YOU for reporting their channel!! But the biggest THANK YOU goes out to #AAP and #Jordan for making a little piece of Heaven just 3hours away from me!!

Janet Balestriero Thank you for making us all aware of the sad reality that we are loosing Giraffes in the wild. Also Thank You everything you do for all Animal Conservation. You are an amazing person and I am so happy I stumbled on that FB post 4 months ago! My life has not been the same since. (In a good way)

Lori Federico Tauken One of God's beautiful creatures that he so unselfishly has given us…..it is up to all of us to help preserve for our children and generations to come…thank you for allowing us to be a part of such a,beautiful santuary….it is such a pleasant change to see social media in such a positive light. We plan on visiting this summer and enjoying April and her family !

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