April Update: April Has Been Cleared for Another Pregnancy

April has been cleared for another pregnancy

Mark your calendars – love is in the air!
The Giraffe Cam has been down the past two days and will be delayed (at minimum) today.
Service on our antennas has disrupted signal. 
Techs are on site.
As you can see, the lovebirds are back at it again!

April has been cleared for another pregnancy

April has been cleared for another pregnancy and has our blessing to allow nature to take its course.
The cam was once shut down for nudity; perhaps it's good we are offline during this "time".
We will be back on air as soon as we can!

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Fans react to April has been cleared for another pregnancy

Jessica Tavares Why can't people let the experts due what they gotta do so let me ask you bets on here lol when in the wild do the animals go to obgyn appointments nooooo does a doctor go out and clear them to give birth no so let nature take its course and let Jordan and his amazing staff handle it what there doing and enjoy what they show us thank you jordon not just with April but all your other animals info and knowledge you have given me and many others around the world

Danica Kristine Stowers Powell Dear god… here I go again checking out from all reality, ignoring my family and friends, and ignoring all adult responsibility, and acting as if I don't require sleep just to end up missing it anyways because I finally pass out 
I was so sad. I had 8,000 missed calls from everyone I know trying to tell med the baby was coming as I just slept away. Woke up 10 minutes after it was over

Nancy Heebner Allen Oh how exciting! Oliver has been trying. Taj just stands and watches mommy and daddy. Will be fun to watch when she does get pregnant woth all you have taught us. Watched and waited for Taj and saw him born. Fascinating. Hopefully, won't take long since fertility is abundant at AAP!

April the Giraffe Store

Kathleen Presta  April has been cleared for another pregnancy? Woa Thank you for allowing us to watch our favorite giraffe family! Is Taj still nursing now that he is starting to eat “real” giraffe food?

Rachel Ricky When the live cam is back on. Where do I find it? It used to come up on live animal cam (think that’s what it was called) but I can’t seem to find it any more. Woohoo to another baby I hope there will be another live cam of the birth. I was hooked for weeks on watching 

Terri Thieret That's great
Another baby perhaps??? Could the family be growing by 4 hooves
Taj is such a handsome boy
Maybe this time a girl

Nancy Langlie Beautiful animals but what will happen to Taj and his new sibling when they reach a certain age? Will you keep them? What is the purpose behind allowing April to breed again? I hope this is because of giraffe conservation.

Brenda Rising April is an amazing mother!! At least Oliver will leave her alone once she is pregnant!! hahaha! Good Luck Animal Adventure Park and I am rooting for a little girl giraffe

April has been cleared for another pregnancy

Shelby Kendall Henderson Well look at it this way, they will not have to have that awkward "birds and bees" talk with Taj. Lol. I think it is great for April and Oliver! Can't wait to go on giraffe watch again!

Betty Thomas Jordan, is April, expecting another baby , if so when is the baby due please, as I live in the UK and watched non stop while waiting for Tajiri, and still keep watching, love this girraffe family so much, much love to all at AAP, 

Allison Claude Loomis After reading some of these comments makes me wonder if over half of the ppl are on their "cycle" as we speak… Watch it if u wanna watch it. It's not going to hurt AAP in the least. But let's be honest u might complain and say u won't ask questions anymore or not watching when ur actually on their page right now calculating the dates! Have fun with this and if u feel they were being rude then don't ask anymore, use Google like everyone else!

Marcia Long This is exciting!! I am however surprised that she's ok to get pregnant again so soon. (seems soon to me). BUT….. I was 1 of the millions of people who watched and waited the last time. Learned a lot about this great animal! Will you be having the "cam" set up for next baby for us to watch again if "things" work out with the "love in the air"? 

Kerry Nowak Sivertsen I think April is amazing and loved seeing the baby born and watching Oliver throughout the process. I learned so much. Maybe if they were in the wild she would be pregnant again, I just personally am concerned for April. She did such a great job but looked so tired at the end. I pray the experts know what they are doing. It's one thing when in the wild and nature takes its course, it's another when humans are involved. Of course I know vets can step in if anything happens and help but again, that's not allowing nature take its course. Prayers for April's safety and health.

Dee Heckler Some of the comments are beyond belief. These are animals, not humans. AAP is giving us an education. Sit back, relax, and enjoy but get a life.

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