April and Tajrii the Giraffe Update: Tajiri Getting So Big

April and Tajrii Update

What's six months old and nearly 10 feet tall?

It's Tajiri of course, the baby boy of global animal superstar April the giraffe. 

Tajiri celebrated his half-birthday on Sunday — it's been six months since April gave birth to him in a live stream viewed by about 1.2 million people on April 15.

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The upstate zoo where April and Tajiri reside marked the event with a status update on Facebook Sunday.

The zoo included a few photos with the half-birthday post, including one of a tiny Tajiri cuddling up against his mom when he was only 5 feet tall. Since then he's grown significantly and a more recent photo shows him standing confidently next to mom at nearly double that height.

Tajiri — Swahili for "hope" — and his mom April were catapulted into the upper echelon of the viral animal world when the zoo started live-streaming April's fourth pregnancy in February.

After months of waiting, April gave birth April 15 in Harpursville, New York, while an audience of hundreds of thousands watched live online. The baby was born at just under 130 pounds and more than 5 feet tall.

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Fans react to April and Tajrii Update

Sharon Whitley Jordan, it is we who thank you for allowing us to be on this journey with you, April, Oliver, Taj, the staff and all of the other animals at AAP. I have learned so much from all of you. Happy 6 month bday Taj!!!

Pam Zarzycki This beautiful family before and after his birth, have helped me through months of Chemo and Radiation. They made my days a little easier. Thank you Animal Adventure Park…

Nancy Horton Nevels My emotions still overwhelm me. 
The sadness from all the grief that some so happily bestowed on you. 
My absolute joy at watching Tajiri’s movements inside April’s tummy, the love shared by her keepers, the laughs from Dr. Tim, the knowledge of most things Giraffe. The happiness I felt every time I voted or contributed to making your dream a reality. And last but by no means least the absolute feeling of awe, of joy, of amazement, the tears of happiness, as I completed an 18+ hour drive to see your dream, to be a part of that dream, and feed April a carrot from my own mouth. The slurp up my chin from her tongue is something this 64 year old will never forget. So thank you AAP for persevering all the negative and take pride in all you do, in knowing you brought happiness and wonder to so so many. Praying for all of you and your families.

Terry Sue Potter Thank you, Jordan for allowing the public to be apart of such a wonderful event. I have been following the cam , every since February. Who ever knew I would become a giraffe fan. Love the giraffe family and watching little man grow.

Kim Mullins-doherty I am so happy I saw him and all animals in park this past July. We drove from TX to ME then side trip to NY to see this wonderful place…beautiful, I wish I could see in the fall.
We have great stuff happening at our Houston Zoo and all animals were ok after Harvey

Sherri Kenyon I flew from Oregon in early September leaving the fires that were burning up so much of our beautiful state, to see AAP, April, Oliver and Tajiri. To stand so close to April, touch that nose that I had long viewed in the cam all those hours through the day and night. The entire park and all the animals will forever be etched in my memories. I thank You, Jordan and all your staff for what you do. The awareness that has happened because of your dream. 
May God bless you and yours !

Lindy Rout Happy Birthday beautiful boy  Oh talking of memories, how about that car journey to the park with a certain man totally over-excited and exclaiming: “We are in labor! One hundred percent, so tune in, don’t stop watching, cancel your plans … it’s time to have a baby!” Well I cancelled all plans and didn't stop watching and I won't ever stop watching whilst there's a cam to watch! Thank you so much for all that you ALL do for your beautiful animals. I live in hope that one day I'll make it there from across the pond. Extra treats for Taj today I hope

Aggie Johnson Foust Awww. look how he has grown. Happy 6 month birthday Taj. Thank you Jordan and AAP for allowing us to share this journey. You have brought so much joy to our lives, you have united us in our love for giraffes and for you, and you have educated us about conservation. It is through your actions that you teach us that we can make this world a better place for all of God's creatures. You and your staff are an inspiration and shining stars for us all. May God Bless you in all that the future holds. Can't wait to continue this journey. ONE DREAM, ONE TEAM.

Amy Wurth The last 9 months or so have been quite a ride! (We started this journey with AAP in February?). We have all been blessed by the tremendous honor of Tajiri! It was amazing to finally come meet this beautiful family in August. Happy 6 months Birthday, baby Taj! Looking forward to the next 6 months! We'll see you again!

Cheryl C Keeping Waiting for this boy, and watching his birth was so special. Seeing him and his parents this past summer and actually touching his sweet little self was a dream come true. Brightened my year for sure. I'm so happy he's growing and doing so well. And I have infinite trust that all of you at AAP are the reason why. Thank you for sharing this beautiful time with us.

Tajiri getting so big:

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Tajiri eatings carrots:

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Julie Bowers Aww such a sweet post Jordan!!!! I've loved watching our guy grow up too via the pregnancy and his earthy presence! thank you so much for continuing to let us watch him via the cam, through FB and photos. I've been blessed to meet him and April and Ollie in July and we plan to be back next July. I'm so happy to continue to support you guys!! Happy 6 months Taj!!!  Animal Adventure Park

Susan Goldstein Samuels Happy Birthday, sweet Tajiri! Thank you, Animal Adventure Park staff, for sparking international interest in the important conservation of giraffes. What you have accomplished in educating thousands about these beautiful forces of nature is invaluable.

Nora Bean Thank you all for the enrichment and education you have given us, before following April I had nothing and now i have made so many friends in USA as well as here in UK So Happy 6mths Birthday Taj -you will never know how much love you have created in this world

Susan DiCarlo Jordan, This was a great interaction between the public and your Zoo. Many of us fans who followed April at different stages myself included throughly enjoyed learning more about giraffes and now since our wonderful Tajiri is almost 10 ft tall and very healthy looking, Just shows us how well taken care of all your animals are. We’ve learned so much via video about your Zoo and the animals you care for on a daily basis it’s been a great education.

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