April and Tajiri The Giraffe Funny Story

April and Tajiri The Giraffe Shirts

Baby G: Mom! Dad! We were on TV again today! Today was the day I got my new name! (Running laps around the barn)
April: I know honey! 
 Oliver: It is such a great name!
Baby G: It is going to take some time to get used to!
April: Yes it will. You will always be my Baby G to me!
Baby G: I am so glad that Auntie Allysa and Uncle Corey got to name me! That makes me so happy! I sure was hoping that they would get to. 
Oliver: So were we. If your mom and I could not pick your name then Allysa and Corey are the best ones to do it!
Baby G: Did you know I have heard my name before?
April: No I did not! Where did you hear it?
Baby G: Auntie Allysa whispered it to me one day.
Baby G: I sure like my new name! Ta…Taj….Tajiri! That sure is a tongue twister!
Oliver: But we can call you Taj!
April: It is a mouthful. But it is a proud name. It means hope and confidence. Did you know it is Swahili?
Taj: Swahili? What is Swahili?
Oliver: That is a country in Africa where giraffes come from.
Taj: I come from Africa? I thought I came from Harpursville?
April: Harpusville IS where we live, but giraffes are native to the continent of Africa. They are not native to the United States. 
 Taj: Where is Africa?
Oliver: It is far away across a big, big ocean. 
Taj: Well why don't we live in Africa?
April: Well, unfortunately many giraffes are dying because land is getting developed and there isn't enough food for the giraffes.
Oliver: Also there are bad people that like to hunt and kill giraffes.
Taj: That sounds scarey!
April: It is! Now there are conservation programs designed to breed giraffes to increase the population.
Oliver: There are also protection groups that tried to prevent poaching such as the Black Mambas.
April: Did you know that part of the monies raised to name you are going to the Black Mambas group to prevent poaching so that people will not kill giraffes in Africa?
Taj: (puffing up proudly) You mean by voting to name me the funds raised will save giraffes in Africa?
Oliver: Yes son, you are helping to save giraffes with your new name!
April: Also with your name contest, money was raised to go to the charity of Ava's Little Hero's after Mr. Jordan's daughter Ava.
Taj: What does that group do?
Oliver: Well it is for children who are born sick and their parents have lots of bills to pay. The money will be used to pay the bills so that they can help get their child medical care. 
Taj: That is so sweet! I don't want any sick kids to hurt. 
April: That is kind of you. So with your name meaning HOPE you are giving hope to all the children and giraffes in the world.
Taj: Really mama? That makes me proud to be a giraffe and be able to help!
Oliver: Also with your name meaning confident it means that you are big and strong and sure of yourself. And that young man is something that you have definitely shown in the time since your birth.
Taj: (puffing up) I am so proud to be a giraffe! I am so happy to be here. I love my new name. I am Tajiri and I will grow up big and strong! As big as Dad! But now, it is time for a nap! This day has been exhausting! Too much excitement for me!
April: Make sure it is a good one because tomorrow our friends are back to see us!
Taj: Oh boy! I can't wait! I think I will go to bed early tonight mama!

April and Tajiri The Giraffe Shirts

April: (sternly) Son, we have to have a talk!
Baby G: Oh goody Mama, I love our talks! (dancing excitedly)
April: Well, you may not like this one as much. You are getting too big for your britches young man!
Baby G: Br..br….br…britches? What are britches mama?
April: Pants, Baby G, Pants!
Baby G: I don't wear pants mama, Auntie Allysa told me so last night! I am a giraffe and giraffe's don't wear pants. 
 April: (exasperatedly) I KNOW YOU ARE A GIRAFFE. I gave birth to you 2 weeks ago!!!.
Oliver: Calm down April! He is just a baby.
April: I know he is a baby! That is my point! He is only 2 weeks old and look at the trouble he has been in!
Baby G: Me? In trouble? What do you mean Mama?
April: Yesterday you only turned 2 weeks old.
Baby G: I know, I know! (dancing excitedly) Auntie Allysa and I went out and celebrated. It was her birthday too!
April: Celebrated? My Hoof! I don't consider getting arrested and put into jail celebrating!
Baby G: But…. Mama, Auntie Allysa says we didn't do anything wrong. It was that mean police man. I told Auntie Allysa we should have made a break for it when we had the chance.
Oliver: Son, just where are you getting all these ideas?
Baby G: Well…. Uncle Corey lets me watch movies on his phone …. and they are really good. 
Oliver: I am going to have to talk to Corey about your phone privileges. 
April: Son, do you know what embarrassment you caused Mr. Jordan having to go into town and bail you and Allysa out of jail?
He also had to borrow the cash from the landscaping funds to get the bail money.
Baby G: What are the landscaping funds mama?
April: That is money people are donating to give us some pretty flowers, bushes and trees for our outside area so that we have shade and yummy things to eat some day.
Baby G: I'm sorry mama. I did not know that. I will tell Mr. Jordan I am sorry. 
April: Also son, we need to talk about you finally picking the lock to go outside this week!
Baby G: I just helped Auntie Allysa get that door open. She needed help. Our side seemed to be stuck. She could get dad's side open but for some reason she could not open ours.
April: (gritting her teeth) Because you are a baby! When will you realize that?
Baby G: But mama, I am a big boy! Look how big I have grown!
April: (muttering) Too big for your britches!
Baby G: And, I loved it outside! I got to meet Maxx the camel! He is really nice!
Oliver: Yes he is!
Baby G: And the air smells so fresh! And the sun is so warm on my back! The sky is so blue! 
April: Yes, I love the outside. I am glad Allysa decided we could go outside.
Baby G: And, out there I can see all of those people getting ready for our opening day. And some of them come over and say Hi! and pet me. It feels so good! 
April: Well, I am still going to have to have a talk with Auntie Allysa. I say she is spoiling you too much and giving you too many experiences at way to young of an age!
Baby G: Mama, Auntie Allysa loves me!
April: I know she does but she and Corey are spoiling you!
Oliver: Don't be too hard on them April! Remember, they are the ones that bring us our treats. Uh remember the carrots and lettuce and the extra hay. You know how you like your hay showers. 
 April: Hay showers. Oh yes, I must go have a hay shower! 

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