April and Tajiri the Giraffe Latest Photos Today

​Good Morning Everyone

Here is another Tuesday Animal Adventures with Jordan on one of his favorites, the Coatimundi. Don't forget to join us Thursday for another episode and April and Tajiri the giraffe latest photos today on September 13th

Animal Adventures with Jordan: Coatimundi


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Supporters react:

Sandra Husk  I love your Halloween Shirt and  Thank you Jordan for all the love you have shown for your family (AAP) and us your extended family! My husband and I flew from Indianapolis to Harpursville for one day to see this incredible place, that held so much love, and it was magical We flew home the next day, and will never forget it! Thank you

Annette Guinnee Murphy Love the informative videos of the different animals, hope you continue Tuesday and Thursday's with Jordan through the winter months. I look forward every Tuesday and Thursday for the educational videos. Everyone at AAP does a great job, especially Jordan!

Lizette Kirton I'm from Panama and I use to see them on a daily basis. They use to knock over our trash cans looking for food. It was neat watching them send one out to look for traffic before the entire troop walked across the street.

Linda Shooer Jordan you are amazing. You are doing exactly what you should be doing in life. Bonding with these animals, educating children and adults, creating awareness and sharing your love of nature. Every talk is fascinating and it is easy to see that these beautiful animals are so well cared for. Thanks to all at AAP.

Walter Pewen Coatimundi is wonderful animal to watch and study. For those who live in the East and South, it's very different than what you might expect from a mammal native to the U.S. The area of SE Arizona where it's prevalent is full of neat, unconventional flora and fauna. Pay attention to this episode-you will likely be fascinated with this animal most Americans know nothing about. You can see them at the famous Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson. Definitely worthwhile.

Sally Myers I love the Coati's. Used to feed a family at a rescue I volunteered at. One was so friendly, I would save him until last so we could play. He loved taking off my ball cap and messing up my hair. One of his siblings bit me so they aren't all so friendly. Thanks for talking about these great animals.

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