New Photo Of April the Giraffe and Taj Shows Milestone Moment At APP

A new photo of April the giraffe and her calf reveals a milestone moment the two had at Animal Adventure Park. The mother and son duo remain wildly popular and their fans are eager to get updates on a daily basis about what they’re up to. On Saturday, the park’s newest addition will be 2-weeks-old.

Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch shared a new photo of the pair outside for the first time. The calf was nursing on mom in the yard from what looks to be a beautiful day in upstate New York. The weather has vastly improved, which means the giraffes will be spending more time outdoors.

The new photo of April the giraffe and her baby was posted to Animal Adventure Park’s Facebook page on Friday.

Jordan also shares in the post that the contest is close for a few names that fans want to name the giraffe.

“The name choices are within hundreds of each other!! There is almost a daily shuffle between the top names; quite exciting to watch and keeps us anxious as to what our little one’s name will be.”
Voting for the contest ends at 6 p.m., ET on Sunday. Front running names in no particular order include Apollo, Unity, Patch, Patches, Noah, Gio, Harper, Ollie, Geoffrey, and “Allysa’s Choice.” A few days ago three names were tied for favorite, but it wasn’t disclosed which three.

Updates on April the giraffe and her calf will be provided every Friday via text alerts until May 31. Subscribers will get exclusive photos and videos of the giraffes’ yard time.

Live cam footage of them will be on Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m, ET. The first one was streamed on Tuesday, April 23. An average of 45,000 people were watching the live cam from Animal Adventure Park, a significant drop from the 160,000 average tuning in every day before April gave birth. Over 1 million live views were tallied for the actual birth.

The live streaming in April’s stall will change to an outdoor cam to be mounted in the yard. People will be able to view April, her calf, and Oliver at set times after the park opens again to the public, which will be on May 13.

Exactly one week ago, the live cam in April’s stall went dark. It was a sad moment for the millions who enjoyed April’s journey. For many, the journey began on February 10 when the live cam at Animal Adventure Park was turned on. At the time, it was thought that April was due that month to give birth, but the wait continued until April 15. It didn’t matter if April was engaging in the same tedious activities of eating, pacing, or laying down — she kept fans hooked. No one wanted to miss that magical moment when the calf would finally arrive.

The live cam remained up for another week following the calf’s birth.

Jordan, Dr Tim, Allysa and Taj

april and taj the giraffe news

On Monday, May 1, a name for the calf will be announced. It’s a big event for those who’ve been emotionally invested in April and her baby. The name tossed around the most in chat forums is Unity because April the giraffe has brought so many people together. Her appeal has drawn worldwide attention in a way that has even astounded Animal Adventure Park. One mother even wrote the park to say that her autistic son found so much comfort in watching April on the live cam, that he went to bed without any issues. Sleep patterns for autistic individuals is one of the special challenges they contend with.

Other stories of people experiencing a sense of therapy while watching April have been told as well.

More updates on April the giraffe and her calf are still to come.

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