Animal Adventure Park Elf Arty Day 10

Day 10 has started in a Giraff-ic Jam,
Gifts from the North, Mrs Claus watched the Cam!

"Some carrots to share, they're your favorite I hear!"
"Specially grown, for Santa's Reindeer!"

This way and that way, each neck arches and bends, 
Where one giraffe starts, another one ends!

Arty Star Struck, having never met Taj, 
With just one look, joined his entourage!

Three giraffes, achieved the unthinkable,
Spreading the word, their population…shrinkable!

From the barn, the world did observe,
Embracing a message and mission to conserve!

Many species need help, not just the Giraffe,
The world reminded, with the birth of one calf!

Animal Adventure Park Arty 

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Supporters reacted:

Patty Lawhon Barone Maybe the only thing more recognizable than Arty are these 3 giraffes. They united a world as no event, act or government could. Tread lightly, Arty, they kick!


Christine Besek awww love the giraffes so cute Merry Christmas Animal Adventure Park thank you to all of your staff for taking good care of all the animals.

Deb DeVine Please adjust camera shutter speed for “sloth mode”… current expose didn’t quite capture the critter! Lol!!! Luv y’all!!!
** PS: My DIL worked at Lehigh Valley Zoo and she took care of Bean- a young sloth . He used to ride wrapped around her waist! Was a special time for her, working there!

Marqua L Steely Schuette This is so fun to see each day!! I love AAP and am so impressed at the individuals that are coming up with all these limericks. Merry Christmas to all at this fantastic park!!

Karen Hanson Lindell Good morning Elf, Jordan and Team. Sometimes going slowly let's you enjoy the beauties of life more. Have a wonderful day and looking forward to tomorrows adventure.

Donna Allen This truly was an amazing day, seeing our friend Daniel Norman visiting AAP. Meeting Allysa, Cori, and especially spending time with Jordan. Jordan you are an amazing man for what you did for Daniel today, not to mention turning the camera so we could see it and share in Daniel's Love for AAP! I myself can't thank you enough, lots of happy tears flowing today! 

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