Animal Adventures with Jordan: Honey Badgers

Animal Adventures with Jordan Patch New York: Honey Badgers

Supporters react to Animal Adventures with Jordan Patch New York: Honey Badgers:

Paula Brooking Thanks Jordan. I learn something new every time you give a lesson.

Thank you Jordan for sharing this with everyone .he's cute

Great video Jordan! Thank you for sharing your animals with the world and educating us about them!

Cheron Fisher Wow THANK YOU JORDAN you will never know how much i look forward to AAWJ videos each Tues & Thurs & how much pleasure, enjoyment & information i get from each episode thank you also thank you for the webcam love you & all things AA your a hero xx

Lori Cote Hill Also was used in the pirates of the carribbean movies..his name was jack…also in the movie night in the favorite monkeys the capuchin

Martha Troxel I liked learning about the enrichment things provided for these monkeys! It was fun learning about them and the monkeys!

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Lisa Donley These guys are my favorite!!! Tied with April, Oliver and Taj!! Super cute!!! Thank you for featuring them

Emma Shanabrook There is no such thing as service monkeys. They can be in home workers but have no public access FYI

Sandi Badger Love what you have done and are doing to educate the public. You are one of the best things that has happened to our area. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Heidi Turner Thanks so much Jordan – you are amazing and your animals are wonderful. It's so fun learning about all of these creatures that I've known about but never really knew

Claire Rhodes When i tell my 2 year old that we are going to feed the animals at the zoo she asks if we get to see the monkey with the big boobies. Kiki has made a big impact on her lol

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