Animal Adventures with Jordan: Muscovy Ducks

A surprise short clip has been posted on Animal Adventures with Jordan on the Muscovy Ducks spotted at the park today!

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Supporters react:

Karen Hulse They are just so cute and yes momma wasnt happy. Thank you again for another great learning lesson. I would watch you and Alyssa and Corey and Lucas and the rest of your staff daily You guys are the best

Carlene Zunker Cute, boy mama did not like you having her babies, she was happy when you put them down. Thanks Jordan & AAP for sharing these stories

Virginia Denner Wow! What a surprise. The baby ducks are so cute. Something is really in the water at that place. New babies being born all the time!! That is amazing and we want to thank AAP and all the staff for sharing this extraordinary adventure with us. This is so awesome Jordan!

Rosie Senador When I lived in Miami near a canal they would laid their eggs in our cherry hedges. Every time the mama's laid their eggs it would always be in the same spot. All they did was eat and poop and me hosing the walkway everyday. LOL Thanks for sharing Jordan, at least I could relate to these animals.

Cheryl Klebacha Weaver They don't have just 2. More like 10-15. Do you have night cameras to see what wildlife comes into the part at night? With the smell of all the prey animals, probably coyotes. They'll reduce the duck population quickly.

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Jessica Michelle Smith We have them all over where we live. They follow me around and will take food right from my hand. Some will even let me pet them.

Barbara Clibbens Went to the zoo in San Diego Ca and watched a blue heron swoop into an antelope pen and snatch a baby duck by the neck and when it was dead, flipped it up and swallowed it whole. Traumatized me for life. Lol

Denjen Quinn I raised Muskovys a few years ago. 2 females nesting at the same time. One nest turned out to be not valid. All eggs were rotten. When we decided the other might be bad also we went out to remove the eggs and were surprised by a bunch of babies.

I guess we could have had eggs to eat, but didn't want to take the chance of them being fertile. It was an interesting learning experience. Our Muskovys were black with white splattering.

Susan Thompson When we lived in Virginia Beach the Muscovy ducks were all over the place. I now know this isn't the best for them but one day I had a little extra bread and gave it to mom and about a dozen babies. The next day and from then on they'd show up at the front door! They were adorable and remarkably tame.

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