Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam 6/12

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam 6/12

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Mary Irwin-Cardell: I am so thankful to AAP, allowing us in to observe such a miracle with the birth of Taj. I am so excited to see the updates and the clips of different animals in the park. I have a question and maybe it has been asked before. Does April and Taj and Oliver go out and interact together. Is it possible that he (Oliver) would be able to handle Taj, or is this a no no.

Lori Taylor Richner: My husband and I are planning a trip there in August from SC. I absolutely cant wait to see it all in person, see the cutest giraffe family ever and meet the staff!!! I want to see and feed the other animals too.

Toni Mizwicki I get such a kick whey April sticks her tongue out for carrots or lettuce it just my day and makes me laugh especially when I get down and depressed, and when my anxiety acts up she and Taj and Oliver really calms me down and cheer me up. So from the bottom of my heart thanks so much Jordan for bring back the giraffe cam it truly mean the world too me. I also love Animal Adventures with Jordan I'm learning much more about animals, I have always loved animals since I was little and been able too learn more about them through you guys and going too Brookfield Zoo here in Chicago and watching Animal Planet .It is on the top of my list too come to Animal Adventure to visit April & Oliver & Taj and the rest of the animals and all the AAP family soon. In closing thanks I hope you guys have a wonderful season.

Carol Smith: Jordan when we are watching April Oliver and Tajiri people are constantly asking the same questions. Why can't they all go out together. When will Tajiri be allowed to be with Dad. Why does April make Taj get up when he lies down. And mostly why does April not always let Tajiri feed. Could you please try to address some of these issues. I'm sure most have been answered already. Thanks

Nolan Val Awwwwwe Miss April you're such a ham!! Always up to something aren't you. Thank you AAP and Miss April for our morning smile. Love pictures of our family Oliver, April and Tajiri and now all the other animals you're introducing us to daily. Great job AAP wishing all of you a great and successful summer Thanks for daily cam so we can watch Taj grow up and love love love Tue and Thur intro to the various animals. So informative. Thanks everyone that's putting this altogether for us that can't be there in person.

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