Animal Adventure Park Welcomed a New Herd of Reindeer

Animal Adventure Park Welcomed a New Herd of Reindeer

Ho Ho Ho!

Santa's Sleigh Team In Training has landed!

We are excited to welcome a our new herd of Reindeer to Animal Adventure.

Reindeer grow a new set of antlers each year. Both males and females produce antlers, though male antlers are generally larger in proportion.

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As the bucks (males) go into rut, the velvet on the antler begins to shed – displaying the hard, bone-like in appearance, more commonly recognized antler.

During rut, which occurs through Fall – males will battle to impress the receptive does. Breeding produces calves in Spring and early Summer.

Our reindeer, some have already shed their velvet, our pied (white and black) male is in shed now – and you will notice the large pockets of velvet separating from the antler.

Antlers are shed after the rut and breeding season; growth begins again in Spring.

Sneak a peak of these new residents this weekend at the park!

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Fans reac to Animal Adventure Park Welcomed a New Herd of Reindeer

Joan Floerke What a lovely herd of reindeer. And just in time for Christmas! Ava is one lucky little girl to have her own personal herd of reindeer! Congratulations Jordan and all of AAP

Carolyn Smith Skormin Nice that you have Reindeer now! When I made a trip to Alaska we were taken to a reindeer farm. When we got back on the tour bus the driver asked us if we learned what the difference was between a reindeer and a caribou. We had, of course, reindeer are domesticated caribou. When we said that he said no, the difference is that reindeer can fly.

Linda Farabella Just when we thought AAP couldn't surprise us with anything else we get reindeer!!!! Just wonderful!!! Very exciting indeed!

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Bernice Erehart This rutting won't interfere with them pulling Santa's sleigh this year will it? LOL I always thought reindeer were beautiful.

Dianne Johnson Omg, how beautiful these reindeer are…..knew it wouldn't take long for Santa to hear how expertly you all take care of your precious animals and decided to entrust you with part of his crew. Good job and thank you

Debbie Zarzecki Congratulations on the reindeer. The first time I saw reindeer was when I was 11 and my parents took my siblings and I to Lake George , NY for a week, There used to be a place there called Christmas Village and they had a herd of reindeer. I was enchanted with them then and still am now,

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