April and TAJ the Giraffe Best Funny Story Today June 19

Baby G: Mama, who is that other baby giraffe?
Summer: Baby G, what do you mean? You are the only baby giraffe here, although sometimes when you are out of sight and your daddy is sitting down, some people think he is you.
Willie: Summer baby, come here, and instead of being babies, we can show we are all grown up, and make babies.
Summer: Willie, not in front of our baby!
Baby G: When I look down at a puddle of water, I see him.
Summer: Oh, that is not another baby giraffe. That is you.
Baby G: That is me? But I am me. How can he be me too?
Willie: Daring to try, to do it or die, I gotta be me…
Summer: Willie, go try elsewhere. Baby, you are seeing your reflection in the water. When the sunlight hits the water just right, it turns the puddle into a mirror.
Baby G: What is a mirror?


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Summer: A mirror is a glass with something called silver on the back. Unlike the glass in our barn's windows, you cannot see through the glass in a mirror.
Baby G: What do you see?
Summer: You see an image of whatever is put in front of the mirror. If you are in front, you see yourself.
Willie: We need a bunch of mirrors in here, so there will be an infinite number of Willies. One Willie is great, but an infinite number would be awesome!
Summer: Willie! It would be awesome if you weren't so focused on yourself.
Baby G: Why would I want to see myself?
Summer: Maybe you wouldn't, but humans wear clothes and arrange their hair. They check their appearance in a mirror.
Baby G: What else are mirrors used for?

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Summer: They are used in telescopes which enable you to see far away.
Baby G: I thought we giraffes have excellent eyesight?
Summer: We do, but telescopes let humans that don't have our phenomenal eyesight see even further than we can.
Baby G: Anything else?
Summer: The mirrors are used in cameras which let you save an image of what you see, they take pictures. They have many more uses. Mirrors are also called looking glasses.
Baby G: Can you go through a looking glass?
Summer: No, but you can pretend you can. There was a story in a book about a girl named Alice who went through the looking glass to a magical fantasy land.
Baby G: Oh, that sounds like fun!
Summer: Yes, it does. Books containing stories can take humans to many places in their minds.
Baby G: What else can a looking glass do?
Summer: There is a poem about The Man in The Glass, which talks about how you go through life and in the end, you have passed the test if the man in the glass is your friend. Only his opinion of you counts. It means you like yourself and how you turned out.
Baby G: World, look into the glass or mirror or puddle, and make sure the man or giraffe in there likes you and all you do.



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