05 Best Poems On April and Taj The Giraffe

Animal Adventure Park New York Today

1st Poem

April the Giraffe

Is expecting a new calf.

So the internet goes wild

Watching for her child.


Now everyone thinks they're a Vet

To this creature they have never met.

Let's all leave the "zoo-ing"

To those who know what they're doing.


Her keepers are smart

And schooled in the art

Of birthing this calf

I'm quite sure everyone's "expert"opinions give them a good laugh.


We are all blessed to be a part

Of this wondrous event.

So, take my advice

Behave & play nice.


Just enjoy the glimpse

And maybe next we can watch the chimps!

Good Luck April & Oliver.

2nd Poem

We've watched the eagles nesting for days,

The egg that got hatched,

And the one that was scratched,

And we've learned that our joking helps with the wait


Who can resist? We've learned how to play–

And now here's a giraffe

So reluctant to labor,

We've decided it's all just


Another egg caper.

So we're joining #teamegg

As we've waited and waited

We've eggspected so long


We're eggzasperated.

And believing that finally

An egg will appear,

We're really quite willing


To give a team cheer!

So hip-hip teamegg

For all the egg yolks,

The eggsperts' opinions,


And egged-on egg pokes.

While not quite eggzactly

Informing to folks,

Still it's been so much fun


To hear the egg jokes.

And at least we've not wasted

ALL of our time,

As we've been eggnertained,


By the egg-nerdy lines,

And even succumbed

To making egg rhymes.

3rd Poem

An Evening Sun reporter, just gave us a “thumbs down”,

Said we needed to spend our time on important things, around town!

Well, I am so tired of listening to all of the news,

So tired of the lies and the slanted views!

We have listened to this garbage for more than a year,

Then I found something good, in our own Southern Tier!

Thank you so much for a GREAT distraction,

April’s live web cam, is a wonderful attraction!


It has been so much fun to watch you all share,

The love and the info of April’s great care!

We have watched her become a great “big ham”,

Sticking out her tongue at the live web cam.


It breaks up the waiting and makes us laugh,

While we all anticipate… the birth of her calf!

So thank you new friends for all that you do,

For the “giraffe education”, we have all learned from you.


When this over and the web cam comes down,

The smile on my face will become a big frown!

So here’s to the staff and all of the crew,

For sharing with us and letting us view!

4th Poem

April did you know,

At the beginning of this quest,

That the world would be watching,

That we would be obsessed?


Did you know we would 'chat'

All through the night,

Making guesses and wagers…

Who would be right?


Did you know we would annoy

The moderators and staff,

"When is she due?"

"Where is the calf?"


animal adventure park new york

April the Giraffe and Taj

Did you know that you and Oliver

Would bring a sort of unity?

From the far east to the far west,

A perfect opportunity…

For the world to learn more

About this creature called "Giraffe",

Through social media,

Video and photograph.

Did you know we would adore

Your keepers, staff and zoo,

And secretly wish

We were one of the crew?


That 'sideways heart' on your neck

Right where God painted it,

Of all of your markings,

Seems to be the favorite.

The way you use that leg for balance…

The way you toss your hay…

It doesn't need to be explained;

It's simply "April's way".

Did you know you'd be the topic

Of daily conversation…

A long awaited advocate

For giraffe conservation?


Did you know you would cause the world

To laugh, cry and giggle?

As we watched your belly grow and grow,

Each kick and every jiggle?


Did you know that we'd be curious

About the cud you chew,

Your hay and water source,

Your pee…and your poo?

There would be so many questions

For your handlers and Veterinarian…

"Will she get an epidural?"

"Will she need a cesarean?"


For our ignorance, please accept

A heartfelt apology.

May we always remember these lessons

Of Love and Giraffology.


Forgive us for our scrutinizing,

For our glances, gawks and stares,

But please accept our best wishes,

Our hopes and our prayers.

So beautiful April, tall and brave,

Your little one will be here soon.

We wish you well and don't forget,

We love you to the moon!

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